2021 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Third Award | Sunac One World Yancheng 路 Melody of Universe | THAPE | CLV | antao

Architecture is not just about form, but about what it can bring to people. What will it turn out to be if the architectural design combines both technology and music? Have you seen it?

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馃弳 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Sunac One World Yancheng 路 Melody of Universe
Cultural Architecture Built

THAPE/ CLV/ antao

THAPE/ CLV/ antao

Design Team
THAPE/ CLV/ antao




Sunac One World project is located in Yancheng, China. The project facade is like a square C, which is a combination of C Major and rigorous science. The texture and decoration on the whole fa莽ade are not too complex, which simplifies the lines and makes it simple and marvelous. It seems to be reversed that music can be extremely rigorous, and science can be even romantic.

One thing that music and technology have in common is that they both need imagination. Only by letting the mind unlimited can you create a good music, and by divergent thinking can discover new technology. The project combines musical elements with technological elements to create a very unique communication space. People can immerse themselves here and talk about music, science, or even other. Life is a song, life is an inadvertent invention, and life is also an unknown journey. In this kind of mixed style space, visitors can run into different thoughts and break out into inspirations. Yes, everything is possible here.

The roof is designed with glass, so that the transparent skylight not only makes full use of natural light, saving electricity, but also integrates the building with the environment. The design of the floor grid adopts “strings” style, which represents the strings of the harp. With this approach, the space can take full advantage of the natural daylight, and presents all-round unobstructed view. When you stand in the corridor and pluck a string, it is as if the whole building is singing.

In terms of light design, along the corridor of the project, it begins with scattered lights and changes to simple flowing lines, then to colorful lamps, finally it turns to be a glittering immersive space dreamlike as shooting star. This design intent is to present the moment when ideas are accumulated constantly from scratch and finally burst out a brilliant inspiration during the creation of both music and science.

The irregular design within the project demonstrates the unconstrained idea. Music is like a flowing building. The design of the whole staircase represents a treble clef, which runs through the whole building from bottom to top. As the high notes soar into the sky, the sounds of man and nature are combined into one, playing the melody of universe together.

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