2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Third Award | VANKE Wonderland Co-life sky Lab experience center | Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Design Co.,Ltd

Similar to the meaning of the word wonderland itself, as a TOD community, Vanke Rainbow Sky City is named Wonderland, a translation of the colorful and fancy fairyland in architecture language, to illustrate the fabulous living space and site full of unknown-a highly integrated “miniature city” embracing all and leading people to imagination.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

VANKE Wonderland Co-life sky Lab experience center
Mixed-Use Architecture Built

Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Design Co.,Ltd

Chen Weitao

Design Team
Chen Weitao, Yu Luhan, Chen Jian

Intersection of rainbow Avenue and provincial road in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


©Kuma image, Shadow Photography & kuntu Culture

As the beginning of the “miniature city”, Co-Life Sky Lab Experience Center extends and shows the architectural form and space layout, creates a diversified life scene and leads the explorers to immerse in it by capturing the four key vocabularies of colorful, young, sky and sense of experience on a plot of 1430㎡.

The buildings are placed on the east end of the first phase of the development in a fan shape. The curved revetment along the canal expands the view which enables the main elevation of Experience Center to face Xiaoshao Canal, maximizing the scope of the view.

The design introduces a six-axis space stem. The six axes lead the space narrative, integrate the buildings, landscape and interior space, connect the experience scenes full of sense of ceremony and immerse and guide the explorers to fix the focus among changing and varied landscape.

The entrance forms a triple reception space, which seems too direct but is actually holding off before starting up. The buildings enclose inward to form a water garden. The see-through corridor leads to the main space on one side and to the water view terrace on the other side. The axes wonder through the buildings, water feature and green belt, enabling people to feel the change of sites when moving. At the end of every axis, we use opposite scenery from Chinese traditional garden to multiple the levels.

Derived from the form of “Sky City”, the buildings give people the impression of the lower part empty and the upper part solid: the corridor with strictly controlled structural grid size and supporting column specs, solid wall with reduced size and the large area of glass elevation blend together the display space on the first floor, courtyard and landscape strip along the canal. Second floors are much more restraint with partial projected window frames facing the canal and along the main street and light grey solid surface.

The colors in nature have limitless possibilities. The changing of light and shadows among the buildings demonstrates fully the charm of nature and makes people feel more aesthetics outside life when wondering along the paths.

What is worth mentioning is that the elevations use tiles rather than stones which reduces the cost a lot. In the early stage we drew the drafts of the layout of the tiles, consulted the manufacture experts about the customization and asked experienced craftsmen to install them on site, which makes sure the textures are consistent and the overall quality is as good as it with stone.

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