APR Residential (Concept)

Third Award – Vila do Conde Apartment Building by Raulino Silva Architect

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Third Award
Firm: Raulino Silva Architect
Architect: Raulino Silva
Team: Raulino Silva, João Mendes, Daniela Amorim, Hélder Jesús, Carla Ribeiro
Category: Residential (Concept)
Location:  Vila do Conde, Portugal 
Project area:  1844.00 sqm 
Project Year: 2019 
Country: Portugal
Website: www.raulinosilva.blogspot.com

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The Apartment Building is located in a mixed use allotment suitable for collective dwelling and single-family housing, facing one of the main avenues that leads us to the Areia Beach in Vila do Conde, an wide and long stretch of white sand, in the North coast of Portugal.

The allotment regulation allows the construction of four different floors, one of them being the basement. The lower floor was then used for car parking and storage. In the other three floors we have 12 different dwelling, 6 of them being three-bedroom apartments and the other 6 two-bedroom apartments.

The solar orientation of the main facades – North and South – forced the orientation of the bedrooms towards East and West wich provides a good solar incidence.

In the exterior, it was sought to mark the slabs trought the balconies alowing to increase the surface beyond the area of implantation allowed in the regulation of the existing allotment.