WADA 2019 Commercial Interior

Thrive Juicery by Synecdoche Design

Interior design for the jewelry salon of the new Georgian brand “Chkhira”. Address – Irakli Abashidze str. 79, Tbilisi, Georgia.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
First Award | Category: Commercial Interior
Architects: Lisa Sauve
Studio: Synecdoche Design
Team: Adam Smith, Max Neiswander, Matt Rosner, Karl Heckman, Jason Ennis
Country: United States
Website: www.synecdochedesign.com

Design of a 1,800 SF juicery and restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI. Inspired by the client’s mission to   spread   the   benefits   they’ve   personally experienced from cold-pressed juicing to the local community, we’re keeping the design of this restaurant fresh and vibrant. A space that’s full of creative energy, echoing the pure and unaltered ingredients they serve.

The back kitchen and prep space while typically unassuming,   reveals   itself   through   a   corner
window facing both the dining area and storefront to showcase “Green Goddess Gracie” the juicing
machine that creates the core elements of the menu  items.  Revealing  the  entire  process  of
washing, pressing, and assembling give a true and direct experience and understanding of how
simple and pure the process of juicing is.

The   front   counter   and   kitchen   operates   for assembly and delivery of juices and smoothies through a digitally fabricated front counter. It bends  through  the  space  to  greet  customers with a point of sale and small retail refrigerator integrated. It bends back away from the hand-
washing station and ends as a counter for sitting while you sip your juice and watch Gracie in action. Overhead the soffit mimics the counter form as LED lights reach beyond into the retail and dining area to connect and stretch the space.

At the entry of the space a 4 faucet sink stands in the middle inviting guest to wash their hands
before dining, reinforcing the goals of health and cleanliness for the business and guests. Foot pedal
activated  faucets  and  a  recessed  counter  trim give the platform a sleek finish and hands free

A smaller soffit and reach-in refrigerator offer full options of to-go retail with a similar aesthetic to the main counter while providing more seating at the window and a condiment area for coffee.

Overall the balance of a fresh raw space through industrial  components  and  concrete  floors  in
combination with a series of detailed moments in natural materials is intended to match the same sensibility  of  the  products  and  give  a  thriving experience.

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