WADA 2019 Sports & Recreation

Van Dutch Center by Sanzpont Arquitectura

Van Dutch Center, is a recreation center, public and sporting space, whose main objective is the integration of the different spaces with the views to the canal and the golf course. Yates van Dutch: Design concept elegance, dynamism and aerodynamic lines of the yachts van Dutch, were the main source of inspiration for the concept of design of the complex, taking into account the opening to the main views of the environment.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Sports & Recreation
Architects: Victor Sanz
Studio: Sanzpont Arquitectura
Team Members: Victor y Sergio Sanz, Sophia Martínez, Eder Jafet, Jose Rodriguez , Jose Miguel Cano
Country: Mexico
Website: www.sanzpont.com

  1. Analysis of Solar geometry

The site contained an existing showroom of a single level, built of metallic structure which was carried out its physical and digital 3d lifting. As a preliminary analysis, and taking into account the importance of future sports facilities, a volumetric study was carried out in context, analyzing the site in conjunction with the Solar geometry of the property, to determine its bioclimatic response With the help of Autodesk Revit.

  1. Conceptual Design

Based on the site, the location of the new sports facilities and the existing building, in 3d model, was possible to make a model of study to be able to design and bocetar the concept of functional solution. Conceptual design sketches were drawn on the volumetric images in digital sketch on IPad with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro software. Later we proceeded to elaborate the 3d model and the solution of the integral project in BIM in Autodesk Revit.

  1. Immersive visualization

Through the Autodesk 3DS max software, using the same BIM model, photorealistic renders were recreated with the objective of visualizing the project in the form of digital images and printing of films in a more real way. The same model was transferred to a specialized software of creation of video games Unreal Engine, to realize a greater immersion of the client and visual experience in Virtual reality with 3d lenses Oculus generating a complete understanding of the project as Close to the possible reality before being built.

  1. Documentation

The technical content and documentation of the Executive project, was made entirely in BIM in Autodesk Revit, which allowed to have a better understanding of the project and a better coordination of each and every one of the planes to be the real-time representation of the 3d BIM model. Because the information is increasing on the process and the level of detail required, it allows the documentation to be more efficient by coordinating in 3d the phases of architecture and engineering in a single digital model.

  1. Digital Fabrication

The manufacture of the facades of aluminium Panel is based on the 3d model, generating its digital display in Industrial design Software Rhinoceros 3d. This allows to generate the piece by piece to be able to cut the panel by CNC cutting machinery, and enumerating each one can be assembled in work to perfection, which allows to build more complex surfaces in a simple way.

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