WADA 2019 Residential Interior

Vila do Conde Apartment by Raulino Silva Architect

Vila do Conde Apartment is on the 3rd floor of an 80’s building not very qualified in the design and finishing materials, which is a duplex by the use of the attic area.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Residential Interior
Architects: Raulino Silva
Studio: Raulino Silva Architect
Team Members: Raulino Silva, Cátia Sampaio, Daniela Amorim, João Mendes
Country: Portugal
Website: www.raulinosilva.blogspot.com

The project intentions were to reorganize the spaces, renovate the finishing materials and define a new environment with the furniture design.

Facing South, the living room and the kitchen share an open space with access to the balcony. Facing North, one of the rooms was transformed into an office space and the other remained as the main bedroom for the parents.

The bathrooms were completely renovated, the bathtub was removed and the sanitary equipment was replaced. The new staircases allowed the creation of storage spaces and the dog house space for the owners’ dog.

Upstairs, the space was transformed into the private room for the two daughters, with a bathroom, a play room inside the closet next to the stairs and a bedroom with two beds with skylights facing south.

On the floor we used a floating vinyl floor that covers all the spaces, including the kitchen and the bathrooms. The walls and ceilings were covered in plasterboard boards painted in white that define the plans and reinforce the continuity with the carpentry lacquered with a high gloss finishing. The bathrooms walls covering is ceramic. It was chosen the PORCELANOSA® Venezia Topo Wall Tiles Rectified which provide mechanical and hygienic high features. The shower trays and the washbasins were designed and custom-made using Snow White KRION® slabs.

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