UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- Aqualuna | II BY IV DESIGN

This captivating project is the fourth and final remarkable installment of a new waterfront community in one of North America’s largest cities. Evoking luxury and prestige, this development is one of the single largest revitalization endeavours along the city’s inner harbour and is destined to become one of the premier waterfront address in the country. Majestic and poetic in design, this 2-tower condominium complex showcases the height of iconic residential architecture, luxuriously upscale interiors and features that highlight the flourishing neighbourhood it occupies. GFDA-2020 Winner- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019 Firm | II BY IV DESIGN Category | Residential Interior (Concept) Team | Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook Country | Canada An innovative architectural spectacle, with exteriors by an internationally-acclaimed Danish architect firm, and interiors by an internationally-recognized North American firm, the concept for the design was inspired by the surrounding topography and landscape. The hypnotic movement of waves is visually translated throughout the building, with thoughtful nods to nautical lifestyles. The strategy of marrying the natural landscape with contemporary techniques is reflected in the building’s façade, creating a dynamic, futuristic visual of waves reinforcing ship-like naval influence, while bringing the design to life. Striking in visual expression, the distinguished two tower peaks twist slightly outwards creating two fronts facing the water, conceived to maximize waterfront views from the residential suites and shared amenity spaces. The centerpiece of the statuesque residence is a premium offering of indoor and outdoor amenities, which include a fully-equipped fitness studio, spacious entertainment facilities, and glimmering outdoor pool, all overlooking the city’s breathtaking waterfront. Aligned with the harmony of the lavish surroundings, the building’s sophisticated interior was inspired by the architecture, with a strategic focus on evoking a refined and pristine gallery setting. This is reflected by emphasizing the fluid, monochromatic exterior tones and theme of undulating waves through the materiality and colouration of the indoor spaces. The soft and light colour palette, natural stone materials, contemporary furnishings, and exquisite custom detailing, all work in unity to deliver a quiet sophistication and understated elegance throughout the space. Additionally, a thoughtfully curated art program expands throughout the lobby and amenity spaces, drawing inspiration from local talent. With panoramic views of the waterfront and cityscape, this significant building features brilliantly appointed interiors, breathtaking vistas, and a true representation of luxury living by the lake. Creating a design that resonates, brings forth feelings of empathy, discovery and connection – that is the driving inspiration behind this project. This waterfront beacon personifies what design brilliance really is, honouring the natural landscape, the radiant cityscape, and dynamic community. This was an opportunity to reimagine residential design, give it a new life, and remind people why they are there to live in the first place.