UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- Dalan Technologies | City Studio

With the development of IT sector in Armenian economy enterprises and startups have been evidencing lack of physical infrastructure and platform for bringing to life their projects and ideas. Thus, companies have been spending huge costs to improve their workplaces for providing better conditions to their employees. Since, we decided to give a professional and complex solution to current issue, bringing to life the architectural concept of Dalan Technologies to provide with advanced workplace for IT sector enterprises and to attract more attention and investments to Armenian economy. But what can be more attractive if not an outstanding architectural landmark with exceptional aesthetical solutions, complex amenities, advanced quality, panoramic views, accessible location, and energy efficiency?


Winner- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | City Studio
Category | Office Building (Concept)
Team | Samvel Gyulnazaryan, Vahram Snkhchyan, Lilit Grigoryan
Country | Armenia

Dalan in Armenian refers to short tunnel that connects yards with the main streets in Yerevan. The building itself is shaped like dalan that symbolizes connection between peoples’ ideas and reality. The birds that fly through are shaped like DaVinci’s birds that symbolise the flight of ideas and minds. Dalan Technologies is aimed to make people’s ideas and minds come true, providing with outstanding working conditions and environment that is out of this world. Together with aesthetic solutions, we found a must to make it green and energy efficient. Thus, Dalan Technologies has 80% of natural lighting, 40% saving of energy for incoming air heating, alternative energy suppliers, green style roofs, and saving 40% of energetic resources during the exploitation. With the technologies and materials used in the construction the site is an applicant for International Environmental Certificate of LEED.

Meanwhile, Dalan Technologies is a place to provide with advanced working conditions to the employees there. With office spaces of more than 38000 sqm, it is aimed to have around 2000-2500 employees working there, which is a BOMA standard for international A class office buildings. Out of spacious offices, a full pack of amenities is included in the site, including underground parking garage for 1060 cars with e-cars chargers, open space parking lot for 120 cars, bicycle parking lots, cafes and food courts, educational complex, double-level restaurant on top level with 360 degree panoramic view, expo-center, hotel with 21 rooms, sports complex, gym, swimming pool, spa salon, medical center, amphitheater for 560 spectators, convention center, transformer hall for 320 spectators, multiplex cinema, meeting rooms and on.

Advanced, Eco-friendly, Energy-efficient, multi-functional, accessible, safe, convenient, spacious, aesthetic are the words to describe Dalan Technologies.