2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Gan Dian Center | AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting

Located in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province, one of the important cities in the central China urban agglomeration, the site occupies an important position in ancient and modern history.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Gan Dian Center
Skyscraper Architecture Concept

AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting

AU Architectural Planning and Design Consulting

Design Team
HEI Haijun(lead), CUI Wenpeng, OU Dong, LIU Chang, LI Zhi, NIU Kefei, DU Zhenxing, CHENG Xing

Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China


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On the bank of Ganjiang River, close to the city landmark “Bayi Bridge” and the famous historic building Tengwang Pavilion of Tang Dynasty, GAN DIAN CENTER is sited in an important historic section and the core urban area. How to lead the renewal and development of the old city through project development while respecting the history is an important problem to be solved by the project.

Architects are very excited about the location of the project. The nearly 250m super high-rise building will become the new urban skyline on the bank of Ganjiang River, hence creating space feeling for the city is the focus of attention.

The urban core area presents a highly intensive development intensity. This project integrates multiple functions, such as business, commercial, office, hotel and so on. Under such comprehensive conditions, architects hope that it will become a friendly, ecological and positive urban space open to citizens, and create an urban interface based on the people-oriented core concept. The project solves the integrity issue of each function space and creates a richer architectural space experience through multiple large-span spaces such as aerial connected body and lower-region connected body.

Due to the limitation of sunshine conditions, based on the comparative study of high-rise buildings in the district and the surrounding conditions of the project, architects finally chose to connect the 250m super high-rise office building and the 78m high hotel in the air.

This approach solves the problem of creating a sense of wholeness while creating a unique aerial landscape experience for citizens. The infinity swimming pool and rooftop garden also make active use of the landscape resources of Ganjiang River.

As a landmark project of the city, GAN DIAN CENTER actively participates in the improvement of regional environment. The building creates an ecological urban shopping mall by applying retreated terraces, terraces, landscape trails, vertical greening, roof greening and other methods, which can not only meet the basic needs of commercials, but also create a three-dimensional landscape space for the city.

The podium area with commercial function is designed for the citizens. Based on the resources of the site and the current situation of dense population and buildings in the old city, the design team integrated more design concepts of experience, ecology and recreation on the basis of commercial attributes, hoping to create a friendly and open spatial environment here.

The project designs several interconnected squares and each square is endowed with a different theme, such as performance, water curtain, cascading water feature, sculpture, etc. This effectively strengthens the spatial experience and enjoyment. The old city is entering the stage of urban renewal, and the public landscape environment needs to be improved.

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