2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Guizhou Yango Longxi Villa | EVD Design

Nature endows Yunnan and Guizhou with abundant natural resources and fantastic scenery. YANGO · CULTURE CITY is located in such a beautiful place, Longxi Demonstration Zone, adjacent to Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone in Guiyang. Its outdoor landscape expresses the beauty and charm of the land in a maximum way. CULTURE CITY, as a project realizing the reconstruction of urban functional space and the image upgrading, plays a significant role. The design team was entrusted to do the interior design, using classic British style to interpret wonderful living experiences and offer a new lifestyle. The new planning of living pattern shows a guide of life. The design creates different layers of spatial atmosphere from detail to the overall layout.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Guizhou Yango Longxi Villa
Residential Interior Built

EVD Design

Hao Liyun

Design Team
Hao Liyun, Yang Bing, Gu Han, Li Kunyan



©Super Yingxiang

On 1F, the living space features an open style. The plain and elegant base has a natural and unique texture, showing a different visual effect against the British-style elements. Irregular gold partition next to the stairs presents differentiated visual and light experiences under warm light. The master bedroom stresses comfortable living experience with a large open layout. Handmade British-style flooring, together with delicate ornaments, embodies a sense of real entry luxury. 4F acts as a reading space, the diagonal layout of which enables readers to enjoy a relatively private space in an open area. The basement adopts a full-height structure, using a wide vision and rich aesthetic atmosphere to create a warm dining environment. The large Chinese table makes people closer. The designers built a tranquil space at the mezzanine for tea lovers, interpreting a fusion of Chinese and western elements.

The design embodies an art of coexisting between human and environment while interpreting an ideal living place, which can satisfy practical needs of elites as well as increase the using rate of space and reduce waste.

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