APR Hospitality

Winner – Hangzhou Renaissance The Puli by GOA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Category: Hospitality
Firm: GOA
Architect: Lan WANG
Country: China

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“Hangzhou Renaissance The Puli”, an architectural work of GOA, was officially put into use a few days ago. Located in the core area of ​​Linping Sub-city in Hangzhou, the project with a five-star hotel and 39 high-end residential buildings is developed and constructed by Wanlin Real Estate Group with an investment of 1 billion yuan.

The project integrates both hotel and residential functions in a holistic manner, the former of which is designed with a striking public space such as a mid-air lounge and a roof garden, while the latter affords a commanding open view of the city with house type of 360m2~500m2 optional. After its completion, Hangzhou Renaissance The Puli has been hailed as an outstanding benchmark for local business development and design.

The construction area of ​​the project is only 40,000 square meters, and the intensive land use is the most prominent challenge in the initial design of this case. The core goal of the architect is to customize the best strategy for a limited land with a view to create a rich experience and a high-end image for both hotel and residential functions.

The residential units are arranged on the southeast side of the building, with wide view and flowing balcony space that allow each living unit to have a best view and natural light.

The building’s façade adopts all-glass wall interlaced with natural stone. Its smooth horizontal lines break through the façade division form of the traditional small residential units, thus shaping a simple yet strong image of modern urban architecture.

The design of the roof garden makes it possible for high-rise hotels to hold outdoor weddings. The beautiful garden landscape also provides valuable landscape resources for the hotel’s indoor pool and the north side of the residential building.

The mid-air restaurant on the fifteenth floor commands a panoramic view of Linping New Town, providing an unforgettable experience for diners and becoming an iconic urban landscape.

The unique entrance design of the hotel integrates the dynamic geometric changes into the overall balanced and restrained design language of the building, highlighting an overall image of elegance and avant-garde.

In the Hangzhou Renaissance The Puli project, architects combine dual functions in a limited space, transforming the complexity of urban life into a rich and unique spatial experience within the building, and blending aesthetics into urban context in a balanced, modern form, which makes it a paragon for the construction of Linping New Town in Hangzhou.