UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- I giaridni di Macchi | SA-Architecture

“I Giardini di Macchi 61” is located in the heart of Milan city center, just a few meters far from the Central Train Station and in one of the fastest growing real estate areas of the past months. Its surroundings are undoubtedly valuable, and characterized by a significant urban and visual consistency, being a clear example of a strong and authentic Milanese heritage and maintaining its truly Italian dna.


Winner- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | SA-Architecture
Category | Residential (Concept)
Team | Daniela Bernabei – Dalila Calvarese- Michael ALbanese, Marco Guido Savorelli
Country | Italy

Besides the most recent additions, the blocks around resemble the typical XX century eclectic and heterogeneous architectural footprint indeed, which still appears intact in its harmony and presents itself as an accordingly styled uniform group.

This neighborhood is seeing a new phase of great renewal and

expansion, while the old and unused warehouses next to the central
station are planned to be or being restored to become hosting
locations for happenings and exhibitions already. During Salone del
Mobile, both Men’s and Women’s Milan Fashion Weeks and all the
other international events that take place annually, this specific area
becomes of an utter interest for its position and its numerous spaces
to rent.

Project: The project aims to realize one prestigious and exclusive downtown
residential building, with its new kind of modernity given by the wide

and bright windows and its wise use of materials; that will be highly complimented by the strategically inserted green spaces, giving literally every single flat a new private garden.

Lifting the entire space two-stories high on the main front, the original architectural shell is finally rebuilt on the relevant Via Mauro Macchi axis, redefining its street appearance in an elegant and consistent way by reaching the height of the highest building on its sides while
respecting its insertion context.

The architectural language of this building is well-integrated with its
surrounding indeed, declaring its Milanese imprint by a frame-based
design of its facades, that harmoniously recalls the rhythm of the
close-by building, with a contemporary and distinctive vocabulary.

Macchi’s 61 flats are built following the newest and highest A-energy class standards, strictly due to the latest criteria in terms of
environmental sustainability and thermal efficiency; while using
advanced heating systems and the highest quality materials.

Apartments: Visual convenience, living comfort, and energy efficiency are the main features of the living units.

Its inviting, cozy main hall lets glimpse through the green area hosted
by the internal court. As it is a specific feature shared by many
Milanese buildings, the result is a discrete yet elegant relationship
between the public space and the new courtyard’s green area.

Through a visual journey characterized by its semi-transparencies and
some strong perspective lines, the block containing the elevator and
the stairs reveals itself being accessible, and evolving into an actual
pivot for the part of the building facing the street and the whole block
above the court.Every apartment presents luxurious finishings, choosing materials of the highest level and quality for the most refined and prestigious interior designs. The central heating and cooling system it’s
customizable for all the apartments.