2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Winner: La Cocinería by GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

La Co is designed to offer different experiences that tell us a lifestyle story. An intimate and cozy bar with a seating area, a dining room with a walnut skin and exposed kitchen to enjoy the culinary show, a booth area for small groups plus a warm terrace and a mezzanine for larger groups.

Winner – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | GRAY Arquitectura & Forma
Designer | Arq. Gerardo Romero

Project Category | Residential Interior Concept
Project Team | Arq. Gerardo Romero, Arq. Yamil Renova, Arq. Víctor González, Arq. Luis Casas, Arq. Abraham Guerrero, Arq. Francisco Aguirre, Arq. Orlando Parra, Arq. Rodolfo Prieto, L.INT Carolina Muñoz, L.D Luis Iván Núñez, LC. Rosario Portillo
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

©GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

La Co is a project carried out according to the needs of contemporary international cuisine, and a style that goes back to the 50´s but sensually fused with the modern and cosmopolitan, this restaurant is conceptualized together with chef Oscar Cortazar, who combines ingredients, flavors and styles in his signature cuisine, where the user can enjoy and appreciate the experience of preparing the food that will be served at their table.

The concept takes up temporary elements with certain details of some elements found in the mid-century style, the recurring use of curved lines and Deco elements adding vibrant colors of these times perfectly merge the diversity of styles with which the end result of a avant-grade.

There is a strong conceptual association between the kitchen and the architecture revealed in a spatial and sensorial concept. 

The color palette is classic: walnut woods, gilded metals and brass, a profusion of greens and granite marbles, contemporary lighting that highlights the elegant atmosphere with chromed gold lamps, antique objects and art by photographers such as Oliverio Toscany, Miguel Vallinas and Giampietro Favero.

The restaurant have five very spatially defined areas and where the atmospheres are changing with lighting and colors as an important resource to generate them:

Kitchen- Specially lit to sublimate the cooking experience and capture the colorful richness, vapor, and presentation of the dishes.

Bar- With an intimate and inviting atmosphere to relax and taste the most sophisticated cocktails and drinks

Terrace- An open and high-rise space to have an open space experience, set with plants and warm materials.

Dining Room- Space particularly designed to have an experience around coexistence and gastronomic enjoyment with different atmospheres that lighting allows, and where colors, lights and furniture combine exquisite and cosmopolitan environments.

VIP Zone- Special for private events and tasting, lunches and dinners of various times.