2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards


Reinventing the 93-year-old LCBO brand was an opportunity to showcase their values – craftsmanship, quality and convenience that are celebrated in the design across a roll-out that took place over several years. This was made possible through the creation of a visual presentation of modern forms and functionality, combined with an industrial style and artisan craftsmanship that directly speaks to their target market.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Interior Design Built


Keith Rushbrook 

Design Team
Keith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions



©David Whittaker

An overall design was created to be unveiled across all LCBO stores in Ontario, with variations and features to be customized specifically for each different store size, tier-type, geography and demographic. The primary design concept was to create light-filled interiors, high airy ceilings where possible, and urban elements mixed with smart retail solutions for optimal product placement and an improved customer experience. Working closely with the client, the design team was responsible for creating a complete roll-out package that included an interior signage, graphics and fixtures program.

One of the most important aspects of the overall project was to create a design that reflected the reality of an everchanging world. Incorporating sustainable features with socially responsible practices was an essential part of the design process. Thoughtful materials and finishes (such as anti-bacterial choices for high touchpoint features) were selected to help with maintenance and operations to create a clean and safe environment. Bringing in natural light, conceiving smart use of spaces, and establishing a sense of security and calm to make the most of the interior environment are all features that were incorporated into this project.

As you enter the light-filled interior, you are welcomed by high airy ceilings, herringbone-tiled feature floors, bleached oak wood, dark bronze metal and patina finishes that further reference an artisanal quality. Notably, the designers focused on implementing the LCBO’s sustainability plan with the use of energy efficient lighting that successfully reduces the interiors’ carbon footprint.  Importance was placed on discoverability of products and convenience for customers with a strategic wayfinding plan utilizing graphic text to define each speciality area from the back cellar-style beer room to a reliable delivery order pick up area. The highlight of the Urban store is the vintages section, surrounded by open wine crates displaying premium products in a manner that implies a “hand-selected” process. Lined along the runway are highly functional and flexible shelving systems with unique graphics of featured products contained within eye-catching red frames.

No detail has been overlooked throughout the interior carefully selected finishes work harmoniously with bold graphics and merchandise displays. Recycled wine barrels and beer kegs, sustainability and locally sourced, line the walls above product shelves in a double-storey, open volume design; coupled with illustrative graphics of world maps, and layered with shelved product directly referencing the country of origin.

The new LCBO store designs have been well received by all communities and proved to be a profitable venture for the retailer. The final result reveals an attractive and friendly consumer experience that encourages patrons to linger longer resulted in higher profit margins and a space that elevates the brand image.

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