2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theater | GDF LTD

The Oriental Movie Metropolis Show Theater is located in the Central Business Zone, West Coast Economic New Area, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. With a GFA of 21500m2 , the Show Theater and the adjacent Grand Theater are figuratively described as “twin spirals”, which together constitute an important urban cultural symbol of Lingshan Bay and Stars Island in QingDao.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theater
Cultural Architecture Built



Design Team
Gao shanxing

Shandong, Qingdao


©Wu Qingshan Studio

The design concept comes from a conch, one of the oldest sea creatures. In the design process of architectural form, we try to combine the unique regional cultural symbols with modern functions organically. This combination is not only a simple visual integration, but also to explore the consistency of deep cultural logic. The intention of listening to the sea in the conch appropriately shows the culture of Qingdao: although the conch is small, the sea is open to all rivers; although the theater is small, the show is open to all cities.

“The heart is on the ground and natural, responding to the next era”, the Show Theater takes it as the core aesthetic principle and starting point of inspiration.

The sense of flow on the surface of the building responds to the extreme compression and rapid flow of space and time in the information age. The formal language with smooth curves implies multiple levels of metaphorical symbols. Viewed from different angles, the dynamic vertical shading aluminum plate on the facade is different. It looks like the red mousse slowly pulling open at the beginning of a circus, or the rolling sail representing the contemporary urban canoeing, or even the courtesy and bowing of Qilu Ritualism. This pluralism is connected with the diversity of contemporary culture. Parameterized design methods, free-flowing curves and the use of composite materials reflect the characteristics of the times of efficiency optimization and innovation.

At the same time, translucent materials are used on the surface of the building, which breaks the boundary between inside and outside. The sea view can be seen from inside, and the interior space like crystal core can be seen from outside. This construction mode emphasizes that regional cultural symbols can be fully reflected in architectural design, and the detailed treatment of the skin sublimates this expression.

Dominated by the initial design concept, the project applies the forward BIM methodology to introduce the parametric control of spatial curves in the very first stage of design. Integrating the artistic design of form as well as the construct of NURBS curves and surfaces, the elegant double shells concept fits well with the function of theater. During the whole design and construction process, forward BIM technology is used for the design communication and file control, which enable s the best translation of the initial design concept to the final built structure of the theater as well as the combination of art and technology.

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