2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Seacon Head Office by Concept i

OVERVIEW: Concept i was appointed to design Seacon Development Group’s new 3,500 m2 corporate headquarters in eastern Bangkok in late 2016. The office location is situated above a new car park complex at Seacon Square Shopping Mall, one of Bangkok’s largest malls. Our design scope was full service, including Architecture, Interior, Lighting, Landscape, Signage and Graphics. Seacon Group set innovative goals for the image and functionality of their new headquarters.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Concept i
Architect/Designer | Concept i
Category | Office Building Built
Team | Tee Taniratpaisal, Richard Wood, Wirush Sirisaksit, Nuntiya Sanguriyan
Country |Thailand
Photographer/Copyright | ©Concept i

©Concept i


  1. Re-imagine/re-brand the Headquarters experience.
  2. Strengthen management/employee relationships
  3. Inspire and motivate teams to boost their creative thinking
  4. Craft powerful synergies between their 5 core departments
  5. Relax the working environment to achieve a holistic live, work, play ethos.


The architectural form was stream lined to break away from the mass of the adjacent mall and car park structures, and convey an airy sense of light, natural spaces and green views. Soft, curvilinear lines defined the main spaces creating a relaxing ambiance in complete contrast to the geometry of the mall and car park structures. The office sits on top of the development as it’s own kind of “island in the sky”. The design aims are to: 


Air Flow, Shading, Passive Cooling and Drainage

The materiality of the project focused on practicality, sustainability and image. The materials were selected to convey a “Park” like look and feel, inspired by exterior gardens, walks, trellises and textures. Composite wood was selected for the exterior floor finishes for its maintenance durability and to create a warm, relaxed feel. The interior finishes were also selected to achieve a natural look and feel. Open wood louvered ceilings, natural textured carpets, epoxy concrete surfaces organic furniture forms were applied throughout the common areas. Work space zones were kept simple and uncluttered, letting a generous sense of space and light prevail.


The functional planning established 3 main zones, the General Work Space Zone, Conference & Auditorium/Training Facility Zone, and Daily (mall and tenant) Business Zone. Each area is separated to allow independent operation but joined by a communal passage bathed in natural daylight. The total space requirement was calculated, and remaining roof area allocated for future expansion. Casual Work space zones enjoy views into the central garden.

Managing Director and Training Rooms are more private with windows oriented on private terraces eastwards.

There are separate WC’s zones for  staff and public.

Special feature include the Gymnasium, generous Pantry areas, and full service staff training wing with extensive meeting/lecture facilities.


Sloping roofs add interest to the building form while also encouraging natural ventilation within the building spaces and ensuring effective drainage in the intense monsoon periods. Insulated metal sheet roofing with a clip lock system was selected for the huge roof surface, for simplicity and rain water protection. Renewable natural wood veneers were used for the main interior wall and ceiling finishes, to control and minimize the actual quantity of real wood used. All materials were considered balancing aesthetics, durability and cost.