2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Seazen · Xin Life | Landao Design

The project is focused on integrating art into the fast-developing modern urban life, and give beautiful inspiration to daily life. In the consideration of the site, the design uses the core display surface along the street as the entrance front space to enhance the memory points of the project and achieve the commercial effect of the sales reception centre. At the same time, considering the brand image display effect along the street, we made use of the advantages of the length of street, and create the display surface with repeated gradual changes so as to let visitors enjoy the pure and free artistic life.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Seazen · Xin Life
Private Landscape Architecture Built

Landao design

Sun Han

Design Team
Yang Zhiwen, Xu Yang, Rao Mengting, Liao Linyun, Wang Qinglai, Fang Liang, Sun Hao, Yang Tao



©Moooy Art

The design intent is to get guests attracted and stop by presenting a clean and pure space as in a luxury store. After entering the venue, it feels like entering a wonderful dream or visiting an exquisite art exhibition. Dialogues with nature and self in the space not only create a life full of artistic feelings, but also lead to a rich spiritual and cultural world.

The display windows lined up along the street are particularly eye-catching in this prosperous city. Through the illumination of night lights, the artistic brand image in the entrance stimulates the energy of the city. The light of art comes from our daily lives, while the visually perfect light and shadow pass through the T stage in the environment with fashionable water scenery, so the integration of nature and the art presents a high-quality living and social place.

The illumination of the mirrored water, combined with the rendering of the light through the layers of the scenery wall, and the gurgling water scenery flows let guests experience the intimate interaction between art and nature.

Project area丨3025㎡
Completion time丨September 2020
Owner丨Seazon Holdings Co. Suzhou Branch
Owner Team丨Seazon Holdings Co. Suzhou Regional Landscape Management Team
Landscape Design丨Landao Design
Architectural Design丨Shanghai Tuoguan Architectural Design Studio
Interior Design丨Shenzhen Matrix Interior Design Co., Ltd.

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