2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | The Energy House | Adams Architects, Inc.

Built on a rural site, in the Midst of Houston’s “Exurbia” near the global headquarters of the world’s largest oil company, this project intentionally defies Global Warming. Designed and build for the climate of its region yet unique to its specific place, regarding prevailing winds, solar orientation, adaptation to slopes and drainage, all the pragmatic demands of a real place that ultimately captures Genius Loci, The Spirit of Place, yielding a residence that just, “feels right”.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

The Energy House
Private Residential Built

Adams Architects, Inc.

Joe Houston Adams

Design Team
Joe Adams and Gail Adams

Montgomery, Texas

United States

©Gary Zvonkovic

In the right hands this endeavor becomes downright “artistic”. Adams Architects’ gift to their clients is that feeling of rightness-with-the-land, believing that this like nothing else contributes to a mental and spiritual wellbeing for that client, provided by nothing quite like the right abode in the right place within which to raise one’s family. Actively harvesting powerful South Texas sun for total electrical power, the residence skillfully combines this with passively gathering benign northern light for spiritually enhanced daily life. This house is literally all about Light and the life-giving quality astute use of our latitudinal placement on the globe can yield. This coupled with honesty of rendition where timber becomes “Timber”, steel becomes “Steel” and the desire for honesty of materials lends a certain humility that resonates with respect for the land, the geography, the sun, the climate of the region. The reality of this “new Beautiful” is celebrated through the honesty of the structure, with none of the pretense typically found in Texas Big-House Architecture.

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