2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | The Tannery + Equmenia Church | Kaminsky Arkitektur

A sustainable, award-winning food destination and a modern church integrate in an exciting and rewarding mix. A run-down factory in a small suburb has gently been transformed into a unique meeting point. With strong focus on sustainability and social connection this project provides inspiration to a different lifestyle, and a counterforce to the threat of being run over by the ongoing urbanization.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

The Tannery + Equmenia Church
Sustainable Architecture Built 

Kaminsky Arkitektur

Kaminsky Arkitektur

Design Team
Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Johan Brandström, Jenny Nyström, Usama Abdul Majeed, Annie Andersson, Laura Beltran, Emilio Lorenzato

Floda, Sweden


©Jan Töve, James Silverman, Kaminsky Arkitektur

Obviously, the architectural achievements give the project a certain distinctive character but it is even more the ongoing development of the operation that creates its unique atmosphere. New ideas and new approaches pop up constantly.

The architectural challenge was to bring the various activities together. A church congregation, leisure associations, private actors with a profit interest ..

The buildings complement each other. The old tannery is meticulously renovated since we did not want to distort it. Furniture, windows and more or less every original interior item is preserved, taken care of and reused.

The wooden church, however, we have been able to build from scratch and it is done by the book. Among other things, an acoustics expert ensured that the sound is high-class, almost like in a concert hall. The congregation also helped build a lot themselves.

The materials are not so luxurious as you might expect for a church. Almost everything is made out of wood and kept neutral, with no symbols. It’s easy to feel quite small in a traditional church. In this building you will not be diminished. The wood contributes to the warm feeling.

The innovative challenge was docking a local congregation with a private business running a restaurant and an office for a hiking path. There are lots of exciting connections between all the operations and they are physical as well since the buildings are put together as one.

Instead of being a victim run over by urbanization, we create high quality ruralization based on environment, security and a wide range of good culture.

Everything that was possible to take care of was kept to preserve the character of the building.

Recycling and upcycling and the use of wood benefits sustainability. It also makes a building beautiful. Wood is a material with a warm feeling and it creates soft acoustics when you move around. The church is entirely built with locally grown wood. The furniture is made of oak from the nearby area.

Sustainability is, by definition, an approach to business that balances the environmental, social and economic aspects to meet the current needs without compromising or overburdening future generations.

This project is an inspiration for people in Floda and other communities. As a consequence of everything that goes on in the Tannery area we can now see a substantial effect on property prices – people simply want to live in Floda. Those who once moved to Floda because they did not have much choice economically, can now say that they live here and are proud of it, because in Floda we have something that others don’t. A food destination of the future.

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