2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Tubble Royale | Tubble B.V.

Tubble is the first portable bathtub to overtake all the functionalities of a fixed one while being more comfortable and innovative. Its patented functionality allows it to be set up safely and in less than one minute, while the sophisticated ergonomic design includes a wide range of luxurious features. Conceived with the mission of making bathing more accessible, Tubble offers anyone the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath anywhere and at anytime. 

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Tubble Royale
Product Design Built

Tubble B.V.

Tubble + Partners

Design Team
Arnoud Kuipers + Partners


The Netherlands

©Erik Verheggen

Other Credits
Studio LocoMoto (video animation)

Being an innovative solution to a modern challenge, Tubble responds to the general trend of replacing fixed bathtubs with showers. In the Netherlands only, more than 40% of the households lack fixed bathtubs and renovation is always rather expensive if not impossible. But made of six layers of high quality PVC, Tubble is portable yet strong and resistant. It fits in most bathrooms and ads a plus of luxury to any interior being the most optimal and suitable solution.

The elegant look is a result of the multi-stage design which incorporates four air chambers and  flexible sides that bend inwards when the bath is empty and outwards when it is filled with water. The comfort is given by a wide range of features including an integrated headrest, cupholder, comfy padding and integrated yoga matt as well as a removable cover for heat retention. Being conceived with a user in mind, its ergonomic design makes it suitable for people of all ages and genders.

Operating the Tubble is even easier as it only includes four smooth steps. The inflation can be done with the help of the patented auto-inflator and of the integrated air pump, which inflate the two air valves simultaneously. The air valves correspond to the upper and the bottom side of the Tubble and have a double closure to ensure the air is well captured inside. The filling with water can be done directly with a shower hose or from any other water source. The integrated drainage system makes the bathtub easy to drain while by simply opening its air valves, one can quickly deflate it. Easy to use and maintain, in less than a few minutes the Tubble is ready to be folded back and stored for the next usage. The quality material guarantees a long lifespan of up to four years or more.

Ultimately, Tubble is designed to encourage self-care and quality self-time by facilitating the accesibility of bathing and bringing forward its relaxing power. Helping busy professionals to release stress at the end of a long day or ameliorating back pain and muscle aches, Tubble is indispensable to a wide range of people. Especially helpful in the case of health issues or to pregnant women, Tubble does more than just easing access to bathing, its innovative design and functionality has an undeniably positive social impact as well.

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