2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Winner: Wu Jiang Li Ze Lu Sales Office by Nanjing We Design Co., Ltd

Nanjing We Design Co., Ltd

Deconstruction and reorganization. When entering the hall, the space scheme is different from the conventional space model, using irregular block and sheet wall as the main space image. Irregular section design of the reception desk and the wall form a strong contrast, with modern design language in the space to construct a new scene. The sculpture carved by Taihu stone,which is the theme art installation, as the largest speaker of space, speechlessly tells the tension and momentum of space.

Winner- International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | Nanjing We Design Co., Ltd
Designer | Yuyong Wen

Project Category | Commercial Interior Concept
Project Team | Yuyong Wen, Chengjiang Dong
Country | China
Award Year | 2020
Photographer/Copyright | ©Yuyong Wen

©Yuyong Wen

The wall combined with metal perforated plate and section forms a small world with a sense of fashion and technology, which echoes and unifies the design in the space. Folding metal, large stone face, unified emphasis on cold, hard technology elements, throughout the entire space. Part of the floor is covered with a blanket to break this sense of abstinence with softness, thus forming a balance.In terms of space lighting, the designer adopts large ground glass windows, daylighting patio and ceiling skylight to borrow light and scenery and form surface light. A bunch of natural light poured down through the glass and shuttled freely in the sand table area. The scattered light and shadow became the most natural scenery in the space. The design of daylighting patio blurs the boundary between inside and outside the space. The interior and exterior are connected by shape, and the space is blended with atmosphere.Life with art infiltration is a good life. Life needs the beauty of art to undertake the past and the future.The designer uses the ripple of lake water as the element of sand table lamp, with natural streamline and light volume. The rhythmic sand table lamp runs through the top of the whole model area, forming a flexible spatial form.The overall color of the space uses cream-coloured as the basic tone, while the collision of lake blue and bronze highlights the delicacy of the space, and the style is fashionable and elegant. The black metal dividing line is used as the edge sealing and closing, which enriches the space level and increases the humanistic feelings and modern texture for the whole.

Red seats adorned this space,sending out the artistic atmosphere of peace and leisure. The contrast of relaxation and tension, reflecting the sense of gradation, making the space reach a balance, slowly telling the guests about the long history and humanistic feelings of Wujiang.