2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | YUNĒ | Beijing Heli Yunxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

YUNĒ is situated on the golden axis of the East 3rd Ring Road in Beijing, where the CBD International Ecological Zone sits, and is adjacent to the Second Embassy Area and the Central Business District. With abundant cultural, commercial and ecological resources, it aims to create a new, healthy and technology-supported residential community that inherits the cultural spirit, aesthetics and taste of Hopson’s top residential developments, so as to redefine upscale lifestyle and update the value of CBD.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Architecture Technology Concept

Beijing Heli Yunxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Beijing Heli Yunxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Design Team
Wang Chao, Zhu Bin, Liu Wei, Yang Shutao, Wang Bin, He Wei

Beijing, China



The project embraces 16 parks within 5km, adjoins a forest of about 450,000㎡and a 35,000㎡ecological park, and enjoys upscale commercial, educational and medical resources. Within the residential community, tree-lined roads featuring optimized scale and reasonable layout will be set, and natural, tranquil spatial scenes will be created.

With forward-looking insights into the trend of the times, YUNĒ breaks current living standards, keeps up with pioneering thoughts in global architectural sector, and innovatively puts forward the concept of “folding”. It will adopt the most convenient, intelligent and simplest ways to meet various hidden needs in terms of time, space and life, and will upgrade the values of Hopson’s top residential developments.

YUNĒ develops a top, international, ecological residential community by combining inner and outer landscapes. A large central garden is enclosed by four residential buildings. In addition, the three buildings scattered on the east side employ an interior layout that provides a 270-degree view to outdoor landscapes, thereby highlighting the interaction between the dwellers and the city and integrating the residential community into nature as well. The project will create an ecological, international living environment, and lead the trend of international residential communities.

The scattered and staggered arrangement of buildings provides an open view to the 35,000㎡ theme park on the east side. In the meanwhile, the buildings also enclose a large garden in the middle. Future occupants will enjoy both open outer landscape and the semi-private garden. Based on the concept “vertical inner landscape”, suspended walkway and sunken waterscape are set, which not only allows dwellers to freely enjoy natural landscapes and fresh air, but also generates a lively layering of spatial experience.

The project polishes the architectural details by following ten international WELL standards and adopting advanced technology and top techniques. The facade design is based on the concept “clouds”. The balconies of adjacent floors are arranged in a staggered manner, thus forming a facade image that is as graceful and rhythmic as clouds. In this way, the overall style better fits into YUNĒ’s design concept, and is in line with the temperament of the upscale residential community. Construction materials mainly include metal panels, low-E glazing and glass curtain walls.

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