2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve by ABAX Arquitectos

Zadún, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, is the first hotel in Mexico – of only four in the world – in the ultra-luxury category of this hotel chain. ABAX Arquitectos was responsible for the architectural design of the complex, built on an area of 7has, with an incredible beach front of 350 square meters, with spectacular views of the Sea of ​​Cortez. The intention of ABAX was to make a very horizontal, non-invasive hotel, that could allow each suite to be unique and have a particular atmosphere. This led the Mexican firm to raise the 115 room keys in 40 two-level buildings, with 3 suites each. All 40 buildings are located very freely, generating a random effect in its location.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | ABAX Arquitectos
Architect/Designer | ABAX Arquitectos
Category | Hospitality Concept
Team | Fernando De Haro, Jesus Fernandez, Pablo Blasco
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©Francisco Estrada & Marriot International

©Francisco Estrada & Marriot International

The inspiration for the hotel’s design comes mainly from the desert and its surroundings. The lighting, color and vegetation that characterize the Baja desert are extraordinarily strong elements, and a natural invitation to consider architecture as a tribute to the desert. For this purpose, ABAX outlined a series of horizontal planes that emerge from the land, and the use of large black-colored ruffles that, by their arrangement, accentuate the light and shadow balance, taking advantage of the unequaled light of the Baja desert.

Other factors that determined the architectural project were the land itself, which is behind a large dune, thus representing a great challenge for the location of each suite, and second, the ultra-luxury category “Reserve” of Zadún, which demanded elegance to rest in the simplicity of its architecture, in the site’s own materials and in a strong integration to the environment, which was decisive in establishing the character of the buildings.

ABAX believes that the beauty of Zadún comes from the concept that buildings should blend in with the desert, born from the land. The feeling of subtle elegance is based on the integration of the surrounding materials both in buildings and in the outdoor environment. Guests feel that they are immersed in the “luxury of the desert”, where spaces flow from nature to the interior and from the interior to nature. The simplicity of all architectural elements pays homage to the desert, connecting with the true feeling of the place.

To achieve this, ABAX took special care in the selection of local materials, including regional stone, wood and marble in a range of tones going from brown and ocher to sand, as well as the use of aluminum and steel. As for the use of steel, the firm made use of corten, since it integrates very well with the desert’s color, behaves well in the outdoors, provides character and timelessness to architecture.