UDAD 2018 Public Building

XY: A SocioPolitical Interactive Retreat by Ayah Abu Al-Rub

Years of marginalization of a city has lead to sociopolitical chaos. Our democratic system is meaningless unless we are able to act in democratic ways that signal democracy: the freedom to vote, purchase, and speak as we choose. A prototype to trigger this chaos is needed.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Public Building
Architects: Ayah Abu Al-Rub
Country: Jordan

“XY” is an open discussion arena; here people can share their views, perceptions, ideas & arise their political views, social customs, social constraints, laws & cultural activities; equally. This neutral platform seeks to give voice to a silenced community in an attempt for a social reform.

The choice for the city was made after several studies and observations. Irbid is very marginalized, no activities, no events, no social spaces, it’s like a different country. Despite being close to the capital in population, people still choose to ignore it as a city. A lot of social problems occurred after this marginalization.

If you ever visit Jordan, you would notice the huge gap between Irbid and the capital Amman. After all you can’t expect people to function properly without giving them the right affordances.

-The site is originally a place where the youth go and let out their energies (drinking, smoking, meeting up, parking in silence  …Etc.).

-Designing this space with maintaining the main spirit of it (a retreat) but with a much beneficial upgrade.

-Most spaces are not furnished, people are free to form these spaces the way they desire, to make them feel in a decision making position.

A key to designing social reform is a deep understanding of how the design of experiences must drive individual actions, which, when performed by many individuals, drives wide-scale, societal change. For instance, when the youth interact with decision makers, they would have a more feeling of belonging, not to mention improving the system by new innovative ideas.

The more people participate in these spaces, the more their humanity & respect for others arise, the more they exchange knowledge through various methods and many other factors that contribute to a more equitable society, or social change for the better.

-Designing this project is aimed to give people a space to develop various talents while triggering social  problems.

-An urban gathering space where people can celebrate or protest on any social circumstance.

All spaces are universally designed, which means everyone goes through the same experience & paths. ( MAKE ONE DESIGN THAT FITS EVERYONE)

A lot of differently abled people have obstacles being a part of this society, which leads to being excluded from public spaces. That’s why no stairs or steps are used (but the emergency stairs), spaces are easy to use, enter & participate in. This gives a feeling of equality to all users which makes them more functional & creates a healthier society.

A Prototype for Social Reform.
A Communal Political Linkage
Put the community in a decision making position.
Social Equality
Free Speech
End Defeat/Shame Culture
Give people spaces to express themselves.

Project’s Components:
Art, Music, Dance & Film spaces
Underground Cinema
Communal Parliament space
Communal Library
Free Open spaces

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