IASA 2018 Public Building

Zerega Ems Station by Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects LLP

The Zerega Avenue EMS Station (Emergency Medical Services – an ambulance dispatch and maintenance facility) was commissioned by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose NYC 2030 Plan for the greater NYC metropolitan area forecasted a City responsible to its Citizens and to the Environment.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Public Building
Architects: Henry Smith-Miller
Studio Name: Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects LLP
Team Members: Henry Smith-Miller, Faia Laurie Hawkinson, Ra Starlin Keene
Country: United States
Website: www.smharch.com

The project’s site, located in an underserved neighborhood, shares the district with low-rise industrial and
manufacturing warehouses, high-rise low-income housing towers, low rise single family homes and the

Westchester Creek.

Designed in 2008, completed in 2014, the project was the City’s first public project supporting a green roof, solar-tube skylights, photovoltaics, hydronic heating, and parking lot bio-swales.  Roof rain water runoff was harvested and stored, irrigating a once displaced formerly on-site community garden.

The new facility brings sorely needed emergency services to the Community and, by design, broadcasts an optimistic message; its green roof visible from street and the nearby high-rise residential housing, its
translucent luminous polycarbonate skin transparent by day and beacon-like at night, and its welcoming cantilevered portico all portend a bright future for the neighborhood.

The EMS facility was recently chosen by current New York City Mayor, William De Blasio, to join the Mayor’s
Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) in their development of climate and resiliency design guidelines.

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