2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

2nd Award: The Hidden House by Deepseahouse

The Hidden House is located in Ukraine, 25 min drive from Kyiv on the picturesque site between two natural lakes amidst pine forest within the gated villa neighborhood «Swisstown».  The project was inspired by the stunning natural beauty of the landscape and designed to be part of the habitat with the highest respect to it – not a single pine was lost during the construction.  The idea behind our approach – minimalism based on the concept  “do not compete with what was created by the nature and God”.

2nd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Deepseahouse
Architect/Designer | Yesikov Maxim
Category | Housing Built
Team | Petro Shamborovsky
Country | Ukraine
Photographer/Copyright | ©Yesikov Maxim

©Yesikov Maxim

The Hidden House is integrated into the mild slope of the land plot and is unseen from the entrance side and the main façade. It is practically unnoticeable from the air and is incorporated into the natural surroundings by means of the two facades facing lakes. Its unique location and integration makes the villa practically invisible to the three neighboring houses. By chance, our three neighbors are three pilots who are now extremely happy that the marvelous view from their houses is not blocked – architect and the owner put special efforts not to interfere with the neighbors’ views.

The Hidden House is built on the land plot of 0.37 ha. As part of unity between nature and the house, the roof surface is laid with grass providing for perfect isolation. It makes the house chill in the summer & warm in winter. Taken the efforts and the general concept, we succeeded to make The Hidden House part of the nature.

Our philosophy for this project was ultimate harmony, interaction and unity with the nature to enjoy fantastic views from any place in the house, from the entrance to the bedrooms.  The villa is cozy and comfortable to use both from the inside and outside. Interior and exterior design are in synergy not only in concepts and philosophy but even in finishing materials – the exterior materials and facades were adapted in some of the walls inside the villa.

The Hidden House boasts spacious living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, natural fireplace and amazing view to the lakes and forests and provides direct access to panoramic 120sqm terrace from every room. The two bedrooms are utilized by the owner and his guests and have also floor-to-ceiling windows, marvelous views as well as direct outside access. Bathroom area is designed as one big open space with no ceramics on the floor, purely wooden floor and without partition walls.

All the furniture and finishing are custom made by local craftsmen.  The Hidden House boasts floor heating; air condition system is concealed in the celling -no heating materials or equipment is observed from inside. It is full of daylight due to big panoramic windows and doors.

Outside, the residents can enjoy harmonious environment from the vast panoramic terrace with stunning views to the lakes and the pine forest. Attached to the villa, is a wooden pontoon with pergola between two lakes with a peer. An oar boat gives an opportunity to the owner and his family to sail on the lakes and enjoy pure nature that surrounds the villa.  For the sake of preserving the harmony between The Hidden House and the nature, the architect opted to refrain from garage and compromised for an open parking lot only.

The Hidden House is unique in design and simultaneously functional, cozy and comfortable to live in.