2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

2nd Award: Yongjia Hotel Indigo by QING MO

The hotel is located in Yantou Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, in the valley plain of the middle reaches of Nanxi River. Nanxi River is famous for its clean water, amazing rocks, large number of waterfalls, ancient villages and beautiful beaches. It has been rated as one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China by CNN, reflecting the perfect artistic conception of Chinese classical ink and wash painting.

2nd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | QING MO
Architect/Designer | QING MO
Category | Hospitality Concept
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©QING MO


The base is located at the site of an abandoned quarry, with natural cliff on one side. The terrain within the red line of the land is fluctuating and changeable, with a large height difference. We hope to create a local hotel holiday experience and improve the service system of our resort town. On the one hand, we wish to combine local conditions with the village spatial form of local characteristics. On the other hand, with the concept of natural mountain restoration, we hope to balance the hotel volume in the complex terrain for the buildings to be integrated into the nature, and to fully utilize the surrounding landscape resources.

The forms of Yongjia mountain dwellings are as follows: long house in one row, climbing, inclining, staggered, falling and rock attaching. They are all according to the mountain trend. The main building of hotel is composed of several individual building blocks under the planed height limit requirements and conforms to the mountain trend to form a backward overall layout. The orientations of the hotel rooms are based on the consideration of countryside and mountain forest landscape resources on different elevation line of sights, and follow the flexible design principle of “moving with the scenery”. Within the ranges of the base’s green and ecological mountains, we built single-mountain-view guest rooms (pile dwelling), which are integrated into the mountain forest.

The design combines the characteristics of local ancient villages and residences,responds to the brand connotation of Hotel Indigo, and creates a resort hotel integrated with local culture, people, geography and environment, highlighting the local experience. In the public area of the hotel, an open-air borderless pool was built which faces the optimal landscape and reflects the distant mountains in the water, giving expression to the local Fengshui pattern of “pen dipping into the ink”. In every village where there is a Wenbi peak, there must be a natural or artificial pond in front of the village, called inkstone pond, in which the Wenbi peak is projected. Such a custom called “pen dipping into the ink”.

The shape of Yongjia’s long house which is in one row or with multiple courtyards have the common feature of horizontal extension. From the translation of roof form to the selection of wood veneer color and from stone application to craft reference, the hotel fully draws on the characteristics of Yongjia’s long house, which establishes a unique label for the hotel.