2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

3rd Award: Citystars by Concept i

In early 2018, Concept i was commissioned to carry out the comprehensive renovation design of Citystars retail mall. The renovation focusses on the 250,000 (GFA) sq. m mall including a completely integrated approach to architecture, interiors, lighting, wayfinding, digital media, landscape and sustainability. With 8 levels, and spread across a city block, Citystars is both a vertical and sprawling mall.  Open in 2004, it was Egypt’s first integrated mixed-use development with over 750,000 m2 and investments over 1.5 billion $US. The work is currently in “mock up” stage, commencing construction. 

3rd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Concept i
Architect/Designer | Concept i

Category | Commercial Concept
Team | Concept i
Country | Thailand
Photographer/Copyright | ©Concept i

©Concept i


  1. Carry out a Competitor survey of newly built and unbuilt malls in Cairo including Festival City, Cleopatra Mall, Mall of Egypt, City Center Mall, and others.
  2. Identify potential additional leasing space that could be activated.
  3. Improve and update all exterior entrances, retail plazas, and facades.
  4. Propose interior renovations, improve flow to upper levels.
  5. Integrate digital media as a major, entertainment generator in the mall.



The new architectural design celebrates the fluidity of the Nile, with sandy tones and soft, flowing curves. The look and feel is sinuous, comfortable and relaxing. Papyrus, lotus and water plant forms are used in supersized, iconic ways to add visual markers. The retail facades were designed with transparency, and a similar soft, sandy beige, sinuous language as the interiors.

The new areas of the mall use huge shade structures, trees and water for cooling.Materials are sourced  locally. ME and P systems are upgraded for up to date efficiency including LED lighting, water and power conservation. High performance UV glass will provide increased heat protection.


The mall interiors are dominated by 4 spectacular atriums, reaching 8 levels high. Each atrium is given a visual identity; Orion, Eclipse, Solaris, and Starport – providing iconic destinations within City Star’s Galaxy of Life theme. Soft, curved edges, light, creamy stone finishes, and charismatic lighting are applied throughout the interior design. Washrooms, public corridors, hospitality hubs, floors, ceiling, and walls all convey the style.

On entering the atrium spaces, visitors are immersed in a contemporary gallery of giant lotus and papyrus forms washed in daylight and accentuated with soft color illumination in the evenings. The inner facade of Starport, a vast 150-meter long colonnade, mimics the form of the mythological Solar Ship, found beside the great pyramids of Giza. Similar to Galaxia, this space awakens with sound and light experiential effects at special times throughout the day and evening.


Each of the6 Retail Entrances is completely redesigned to refresh and differentiate their identity from the adjacent office, hotel, and residential uses. Façade transparency and bold, landmark canopies were the key drivers underlying the new architecture. 3-4 level high, semi-permeable canopies provide shade and extend the retail expression closer to surrounding roads.  This street front accentuation is further enhanced by soft fluid form, branded patterning, lighter-toned finishes, tall glass entrance facades, dynamic lighting, and signage. The entrance plazas, landscape planting, and pedestrian level details (including considerable security fencing, booths, gates, etc.) are carefully and creatively integrated into the design.