2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Fold Mound – Shaoxing Mini Supernova Community Park | HID Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd

As an urban waterfront community park, the site is a small greenland of 8,000 sq.meters surrounded by multiple community blocks, with small but long dimensions (60m*35m*109m). It takes the river as the venation, combines ecology, civilization and creativity of the Northern Newtown, becoming an important part of urban ecology and social recreation. It’s a park built by imagination.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Fold Mound – Shaoxing Mini Supernova Community Park
Public Landscape Architecture (Built)

HID Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Rachel X Wang

Design Team
Leo Wu, Louise Zhang, Sinan Zheng, Yujiang He, Huashu Shen, Wenheng Liu, Anne Dai, Qian Lu, Yukun Shang, Qiong Huang, Yajing Yan, Zhibo Zhang, Shiyu Cheng, Xiaozhen Xu, Guangjuan Zhou, Rachel Wang

Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China


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It’ll be a new space for new life, a new starting point for a new greenway and a new look for a new city.

Project Background:

The site is located in the Northern Newtown, the core area of future development of Shaoxing, which is a new political, economic and cultural center according to the perspective land-planning. From the perspective of the greenspace system, the LaoBaili River was once a branch of artificial irrigation.

The greenspaces on both sides of the river will become the green fingers running through the new city, and our site will be the starting point. It will be an important community park for residents from the northern area due to the lack of greenspace in the neighborhoods.

Design Challenges :

1. How to connect it to its future. In this narrow and long field without large landform difference, it is important to arrange the entrance space reasonably so as to make it spatially linked to the future and it is more meaningful to conceive a story and connect it to the future spiritually. The former requires

cautious analysis, while the latter requires unconstrained but reasonable imagination.

2. How to create an attractive space. This site should have an impressive theme to attract visitors, a space full of possibilities for interactions to make up the lack of greenspace in the neighborhoods.

3. How to balance the existing site resources while turning the site into a fun park within a tight budget.

Design Solution:

A story is brought to the site to light up this green corner of the city. One day, a super-mini supernova, passing by the earth’s magnetic field, accidentally slipped out of its orbit, pierced the atmosphere, and fell into a field. After a series of actions, the supernova left indelible marks to the site then disappeared in sight. The traces left behind became various forms and activity spaces. The story of this supernova is a metaphor that implies how mini the site is as well as how important it meant to the future.

The spaces include: Rock Plaza, Hill Park, Galaxy Lawn, Stream Wonderland, Fold Mound.


We believe an interesting design needs reliable design considerations as its foundations and the tireless on-site service as guarantee. Here we present this open space, an interesting community park to the city of Shaoxing as a little surprise, to give the surrounding residents an easy-to-use and fun leisure place to wonder and their expectations for a better social life.