2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Jian Bang Innovation Center of Science and Technology | MUDO Architects+Jiangxi Jianbang Prefabricated Construction Co.LTD

The project is located in Zhangshu, the core area of New Town Riverside, close to the central landscape lake and facing the government building. The project consists of two 50-meter-high towers that will be used for the office and living headquarters of government-affiliated construction and development group. The design focuses on the interaction and integration of standardized office modules and surrounding scenes, aiming to create the working and life experience with green ecological environment, energy conservation, environmental protection, and shared community space.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Jian Bang Innovation Center of Science and Technology
Mixed-Use Architecture (Under Construction)

MUDO Architects+Jiangxi Jianbang Prefabricated Construction Co.LTD

Shuli Sun

Design Team
SUN ShuLI, ZHOU Sheng, CAI Haotian, YE Xin

Zhangshu City


©MUDO Architects

Based on the standard layout of modern office buildings, the design takes inspiration from the interlace and overlapping of Chinese pavilions and pagodas, and combines rich local natural greening resources to carry out spatial reorganization. The volume is cut at the corner of the street along the lake interface, moving back and forth layer by layer, to create the sense of interest. In the new spatial order, each office unit has its own relatively independent and non-repetitive outdoor garden; The terraces are connected up and down; the planned route twists and turns so that people can stroll there, just like a delicate “green castle in the sky”.

Compared with the office building design pursuing the ultimate area efficiency, the daily environment and scene of space created in this case can greatly optimize the work experience of the public, thus help to improve the office efficiency and build a more pleasant daily psychology. The architects planned three types of open spaces in “department”, “firm”, “community” level, corresponding to different need for privacy.

  • For the “department” level, open space is attached to each different office floor, around 200 square meters, exclusively reserved for the department on that floor. It is arranged facing the lake view; connected with the indoor tea room; combined with outdoor seats and roof planting, forming an independent leisure area, which is convenient for people to relax/communicate in daily work, and can also be transformed into an outdoor office scene in good weather.
  • For the “firm” level, open space has its own floor, combining larger scale events with outdoor sports scenes, including a public canteen/gym/health equipment/table tennis/teahouse /BBQ/rooftop park/open theatre/tiered meeting room/sky runway, etc.
  • For the “community”level, open space is supported by the ground-floor commercial atrium and extends upwards. Architects set up an independent access control system in some of outdoor open areas, so that people can connect to the commercial blocks during non-office hours, and become a community shared space serving the entire surrounding area residents.

As the landmark of new town in Zhangshu City, the design does not blindly pursue excessive visual impact and eye-catching, but according to the site characteristics/new office experience/local cultural association as the origin of the design logic, so that the building can skillfully blend into the urban context and high-value shared scene under the module of the standard office volume. The spatial linkage between human and nature is rebuilt; the usage of natural environment is returned, the sharing space for surrounding community is focused.