2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Click THE Life Park, WZ Zone, Xinghe Dandi, Huizhou | inter_design

Huizhou Galaxy Dandi is a super community with 2.6 million square meters. A ten years community, several developed phases, the neighborhood life of residents is mainly concentrated in the central gardens in each phase, the different phases are connected by a community ring road, which is convenient for travel but lacks of systematic public open spaces.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Click THE Life Park, WZ Zone, Xinghe Dandi, Huizhou
Public Landscape Architecture (Built)


Guo Zewei

Design Team
Chen Haoxian, Guo Zewei, Lin Haixiong, Chen Lijuan, Huang Xiaoqing, Yang Birui, Xu Yuxing, Wu Jiahui, Dai Qiuling, Liang Ningyu, Ni Xiaoping, Chen Zhifeng, Wu Weilong, Chen Linhuan, Luo Junjie, Meng Wanting, Zhou Siye

Huiyang District, Huizhou City, China



“The BIG TICK” Square is located at the entrance area of Huizhou Galaxy Dandi. She is at the intersection of various circulations, from the city to the community, from the ring road to the lakeside. It is a context point connecting the entire community to the lakeside.  The square space was previously dilapidated for most of the time. In addition, the “T” intersection outside the square is mixed with pedestrian and vehicles. All kinds of circulation are messy, school children, residents, temporary parking and delivery cars, etc., becoming an unsafe area for traffic. Using the square as the starting point, sorting out the traffic flow and reconstructing the public space of the Lake has become everyone’s new expectation.


 – the starting point for the reconstruction of lakeside public space

“√” THE BIG ‘TICK’ is a description of the large structure of this pocket park,  its shape resembles a big hook.

The core concept of THE BIG ‘TICK’ is “diversity and hub”. We envision combining green, art, sports, and technology into the site through a composite structure to ignite the vitality of the square.

03 Healthy green way connects the circulations to lead people to the lakefront

Healthy leisure lake-front path integrating leisure, scene viewing and sports is integrated with the structure of the park. The decoration in the ceiling guides people to look forward to the future, which is people’s imagination of the future – constellation lights with a sense of technology and a sense of the future are attached to the structure. Taurus, Gemini, Leo, etc., people can stand under the structure to observe closely; it is the epitome of the starry sky, it also carries people’s expectations and illusions about the future, and it is people’s exploration of the future universe and nature.

04 Features in the park

 – The urban furniture is integrated under the structure to keep people, watching the fountain theater in the lake, and the humanities theater on the square

Urban furniture are made of pearl white granite. They are seat benches and tree planters. These urban furniture are the best places for people to rest and chat. When the city beat slows down, people who gradually let go of their busy mood pass by here. In the sunken platform by the lake people can view out to the fountain on the water surface in distance; the transparent glass railing echoes the sparkling lake surface, creating a clean, tidy and comfortable space scene for the place; the bar on the platform facing the lake surface, provides a quiet space to think quietly or chatting with friends.

05 Wishing Tree

Large trees are planted next to the structure and feature lighting is provided, and the tree-lined square attracts all-weather leisure and resting people; the interactive landscape facilities combined with the educational theme in the corridor provide a safe, comfortable and interesting place for children.

The square enclosed by urban furniture is a place for people to relax and entertain after their meals. People relax along, chatting with friends, or even dance together. The circular swing and silver slide under the structure, combined with the planet feature, are children’s innocent and joyous world; the wishing tree in the square is people’s hope for the future, and the colorful lights on the wishing tree are projected on the ground, like a starry river in the sky. It is the beautiful scene that the designer wants to present to the public.

06 Safety measures

Adding safety measures to the edge of the road to divert traffic.

The original “T” intersection where people and vehicles are mixed is a major safety hazard. The designer adds stalls and railings on the edge of the road to keep the vehicles away from the square, so that people can safely move and relax in the square.

07 neighbourhood centre

In the end, we hope to attract everyone from the garden in the phases to this public area.

“THE BIG TACK” Square is a transportation hub in multiple areas, a bridge between one community and another community, and a neighborhood center for people to interact with each other. It is a gathering place for people after tea and dinner. Its diversified spatial attributes meet the needs of people of different ages for different functional spaces. It is the enrichment of the community and the designer’s full exploration of people.

We are delighted to see that after construction, this venue has become the welcome entrance, social theater and life focus of Dandi.Everyone likes this place very much, especially after class and school, when the weather is fine, a lot of people gather in the square;At night, when the lights are on, there are people under the wishing tree, relaxing,chatting, and playing;We feel that this is the proper community atmosphere, and it has become a very breathtaking community neighborhood center.