2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Wenzhou CIFI Guorui Mansion | Guangzhou Inter-design landscape Co., Ltd.

Ruian is a cultural city with a profound historical heritage in China. It is just like a cultural gem, described as the preciousness of jade and the vastness of the sea, which has the reputation of a thousand-year-old county.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Wenzhou CIFI Guorui Mansion
Private Landscape Architecture (Built)

Guangzhou Inter-design landscape Co., Ltd.


Design Team
Lead designer: Zhengyao Rong Design team member: Xugang He

Ruian, China


©Photographer: Yi Ren

This project is located in New Coastal district in Ruian city. The landscape design is concise and stylish but with a sense of courtesy and nobleness. The pure refinement and expression of nature and culture allows residents to resonate in the delicate and high-quality lifestyle created by the designer.

The landscape design is divided into one street, one axis, one loop, and four gardens, with complete community functions including: modern commercial interactive street (one street); 160M etiquette landscape axis (one axis); all-age running track (one loop); leisure and entertainment area for the elderly, interaction and growth area for children, healthy exercise area, sunshine lawn recreation area (four gardens).

The stylish etiquette landscape sequence has a total length of 160 meters, becoming the focus of vision. The entry space is built into a stylish etiquette front hall, so that residents can enjoy the beautiful view every time they return home. The design uses the central axis symmetrical layout to enhance the etiquette atmosphere, including the central water show exhibition hall, the music fountain tree-lined square, and the floating landscape installation, letting the residents gradually feel the artistic romance and comfort of the space.

The modern commercial interactive street design is based on spatial cohesion, which brings the free switching of the experiences of communication and display. The waterscape, undulating terrain, and the interspersed running track break the boundaries of landscape design and provide pedestrians with a variety of interesting walking experiences. The dark stone waterscape under the light and shadow and the colorful Chinese tallow tree create an artistic conception, while the light of water wanders and the shadow of the tree whispers.

The design focuses on the essence of life, which makes an integrated presentation that connects nature and life, where nature permeates life with time. The landscape design breaks the boundaries, and the immersive space interaction brings residents the sincere emotional touch, inadvertently capturing the time flowing in nature.