2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Wuxi Greentown Center Mansion Sales Office | HWCD

Wuxi, a city in Southern China, has a long history of a thousand years and is known for its beautiful landscape and many historical sites. The city is also called The Pearl of Taihu Lake. This project uses Meeting Taihu Lake as the storyline, describing a beautiful encounter with rivers, lakes, and seas and a spiritual collision with ancient people who have passed on for thousands of years. It gives an all-around immersive experience through the touches of five senses.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Wuxi Greentown Center Mansion Sales Office
Corporate Interior (Built)


Qiuqian Li

Design Team
Pei Zhang, Shouchen Qiu, Cizhi Peng, Qi Lv, Bensheng Xu, Jing Wu, Fanghua Li

Wuxi, China



The design team starts from the essence of life to create a spatial atmosphere, extracting the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, and conveying the rhythm of oriental culture and the beauty of simplicity and aura. The organization of space is like the trajectory of life exploration, sparse but open, dense but relaxing. The internal space shows different moods under various natural lighting as the cultural atmosphere and oriental charm linger around. The use and imitation of natural light indicate the simplicity and rhythm of the building and go into the extension of the interior space with the change of time by modern techniques. It creates a contrast of light and shadow and lets people feel the style and oriental charm. The large floor-to-ceiling windows and courtyard mingle, and the delicately painted extending and expanding poetic atmosphere of an interweaving art space.

The soft decoration follows the concept of Oriental Zen and focuses on keeping the plain color of the original wood and the clean texture of stone and other materials. It draws inspiration elements from Taihu Lake with humanistic artworks of Oriental temperament. The Oriental aesthetic art flows quietly in the space and merges into the vitality and romance of nature and light. The pure and minimal furniture style makes the overall atmosphere warmer and softer. When the pure character of Giorgetti’s furniture meets the humble and quiet oriental spirit of Zhi Rong Lu, the Chinese artist, the room offers unlimited imagination space. Mr. Lu combines Eastern philosophical thinking with Western design language and techniques. Giorgetti’s furniture gives a remarkably modern touch to express a more philosophical flavor to the space.

The design uses simple lines to tell the eternal classic design and interprets the essential modern oriental aesthetics with the minimalist design. No matter how simple the appearance is, it can make people feel the charm and connotation in response to the belief of Less Is More.