IASA 2018 Transportation

Chicago O’Hare 2075 by Infrastructure Vision

Congestion and pollution are among the most critical issues faced by cities around the world. This vision for Chicago O’Hare International Airport is based on the conviction that sustainability is not only about the direct environmental measures, it is also about how we design and use our infrastructure.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Transportation
Architects: Sebastiaan Menger
Studio Name: Infrastructure Vision

Country: The Netherlands

‘O’Hare 2075’ envisages Chicago’s future airport based on a design philosophy of ‘reducing space by combining functions’. The airport will serve as a city bridge (1) in addition to its functions as an airport terminal (2). Moreover, airport-related processes have been combined as much as possible. Chicago subway outstations will collect passengers which proceed through the security filter incorporated in the subway. In essence, screening occurs simultaneously while travelling towards the airport, whereas previously both processes could be considered as wasted time. Furthermore, offsite security means no area for security is required at O’Hare terminal, lowering the footprint of the infrastructure.

By refining the airport as a whole, O’Hare will enable optimal use of scarce space, typical for future cities where airports are circumvented by urbanisation. The combination of the respective innovations creates a more sustainable terminal which will become a natural part of the living environment.

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