IASA 2018 Residential Interior

Nest by Sara Design Studio

The configuration of Light and Lines accompanied by Text and Texture define the overall concept of the apartment. Rigidity of lines brings strength and dynamism to the space, whereas the interplay of lights balances with tenderness and fun. Use glasses to enhance the perspective and lighting of the space. The division of glass and space bring a fresh and clear atmosphere to the interior space. The appearances of text through series of typography, which come with encouraging statements, were intentionally meant to bring character throughout the entire home. The space literally communicates with the occupants, as one will never be alone at home. Subtle textures of material were applied to bring stability and harmony to the space.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Residential Interior
Architects: Sara Ng
Studio Name: Sara Design Studio

Country: Malaysia

The foyer firstly invites you into an illusionary high volume and deep corridor gallery, through the use of a welcoming high back sofa and a repetition of pivoting doors. The wall facing the sofa has hidden compartments for storing footwear. The gallery dramatically illuminates with a linear 7 LED light, that accompanies the flexible glass doors which create temporary boundaries whenever required and still maintains the visual connection between communal spaces.

The living area suggests the idea of bringing the beauty of nature right into the home by introducing a massive rustic reclaimed trunk that takes the centre stage. Everything else surrounds this chunky table top which adds a sense of weightlessness with the support of thin metal legs.

Bedrooms were mainly washed with shades of white, grey and mild timber tones to remain fresh and clean at all times and to allow individual personality to take place gradually.

Description of specific solutions to project challenges

Bedroom: The boy’s room echoing the living area applies reclaimed wood at the head board and the wardrobe fixtures. Combination of raw wood finish and sleek transparent door panels create a sense of ‘humour and truthfulness’ which reflects the occupant’s individuality. Similarly the Master Bedroom glass panelled walk-in-closet expands the space into the bedroom and doubles in size through the reflection from the full mirror wall.

Kitchen: The island kitchen allows users to commune and workout recipes with the aid of a large suspended TV screen. Frequent-use items were organized against one side of the entire wall for immediate access. The other side of kitchen comes with a window that opens out to the dining area, for visual and physical connection. The walls were painted with ‘staled bread effects’ expressing hints of bakery in progress, against the white cabinets which reminds us of the ‘flour as a basic ingredient’.

Study Area: The study doubles as a piano room which was converted from an existing balcony. The opening to the study comes with a thick black frame making the space appearing like a large TV screen or a painting. The space goes into a night mode with the application of stardust light effect.

Dining Area: The dining area features the interplay of lights above the table, made of black tubular structure which continues the rhythm of lines from the pivoting door frames. Echoing this one’s attention will be brought to the table legs similarly comes in black twisted steel frame.

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