Chinese Design Awards

APR Hosted Awards 2022 Highlights of the competition this year are outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate ‘APR Chinese Design Awards 2022. Hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in the architecture and design field.  

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Chinese Design Awards 2023. is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, it’s a huge platform for architects and designers. 

APR CD Awards 2022 Winners: sanzpont [arquitectura], DNA Barcelona Architects, Concept i, SNB ARQUITECTOS, Kira Design Ltd, Bells + Whsitles, STUDIO SHOO, THE TRIANGLE, Degli Esposti Architetti, Pierluigi Piu – Architetto, Lemanarc SA, Davood Boroojeni Office, BAI Design International, SYA Studio, SUTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory and more.

Living The Gardens | sanzpont [arquitectura]

The Future of Us Pavilion | SUTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory

Tree Life Holistic Community, Tulum | DNA Barcelona Architects

Deji Cultural Complex | THE TRIANGLE.JP CO.,LTD.

RYLA | Bells + Whsitles

Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Feng Ming Boutique Hotel | MET ARCHITECTURE Design Co,ltd

Shamim Polymer Factory | Davood Boroojeni Office


Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital | Lemanarc SA

House Along Sardinia’southern Coastline | Pierluigi Piu – Architetto

Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Casa Selene | Degli Esposti Architetti S.R.L.

Wuxi International Healthcare Campus | Lemanarc SA

Check House | ALTRO-STUDIO

Shamim Polymer Factory | Davood Boroojeni Office

Midea Heyou International Hospital | BAI Design International

Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Abu Gosh Trubnaya | STUDIO SHOO

Immupeutics Medicine Beijing office | SYA Studio

The Grand Marine Clubhouse | Kira Design Ltd


Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Shamim Polymer Factory | Davood Boroojeni Office | Iran

Meditation Center @ The Great Compassion Foundation | Taweecool Architects

#CHINATOWN@HOME | Chieh-Ting Chuang

APR presents the Chinese Design Awards 2023. The awards are organized by APR- a leading body of architecture press in Global.

We are also in partnership with The ARCHITIME RU, Archidust, HAW Magazine, ME Megazine, Arredativo Design Magazine, Building Indonesia Magazine, Interior World, Architecture Design Forum, Design Box, Intech, and more – a Global media brand that covers all aspects of the modern creative industries.

Previous Winners from China:- 

APR Awards is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in 2022. Chinese Design Awards. Established in 2016, the CD 2023 Award is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for architecture, interior, and product design. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine Architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. It is a forum that examines the relationship between architecture and the natural world, architecture and the community, and architects and the city.  APR Award is an online platform. 

The Chinese Design Awards 2023 deliver unprecedented exposure for our finalists and winners. Our reputable judges nominate three finalists within each award category. The winners of the Chinese Design Awards 2023 were selected by our honorable jury members.

Awards Entry Fee:

Early Entry Fees
1st July to 31st August 2023 – $200 = $150

Late Fees
1st September to 30th September 2023 – Fee: $200 USD

Chinese Design Awards 2023 has the following categories: 

Chinese Architect of the Year | Architecture Design | Best of Residential | Best of Architecture | Best of Commercial | Best of Cultural | Best of Hospitality | Landscape Design 

Interior Design 
Residential Interior | Public Building Interior | Commercial Interior | Corporate Interior  | Interior Design | Retail Interior | Hospitality Interior and more…

Product Design
Households | Lifestyle & Accessories| Interior Design Elements | Product Design 

Registration Open. 1st July 2023
Registration Ends. 30th September 2023
Submission Deadline. 30th September 2023
Jury Voting. 5th October to 20th October 2023
Result Announcement. 1st November 2023

Winner Trophy 2023 & Printed Certificate

Why Enter… Gain positive PR, Stand out from competitors, Make your brand | agency | practice famous, Personal and staff development, Be known as award-winningShowcase your talents and skills to existing and potential clients, Reassure clients that they are associated with the best, Accentuate the importance of design and architecture in globally.

How will my entry be judged… The Chinese Design Awards 2023 will be judged by two stellar panels: one for design, and the other for architecture. Each of the panels will be compiled of industry experts who will use their insight and experience to deliberate the results.

The Design panel will be looking for fresh thinking and originality, beautiful execution, great storytelling, work that pushes and progresses the client brief beyond expectations, and work that emotionally connects with its people.

The Architecture panel will be hoping to see: work that is programmatically, formally, and spatially rich, a design that pushes boundaries, projects that address issues of sustainability a people-focused, client-driven approach.