Honorable Mention- Lısbon Story /// Re-Habilitation / Re-Vitalization / Re-Structuration // | Marıa Gonzalez Aranguren

Sometimes when we think in S.XXI city we think in modern, new and hight tech buildings, but we forget the historical centers of the cities, full of history and tradition but in very poor condition and occasionally abandoned. Therefore, this project aims to address this problem through rehabilitation or reactivation [ … ]

Second Award- Chateau | II BY IV DESIGN

This masterfully-designed condominium is the third and final spectacular installment of the Auberge on the Park community in Toronto, one of North America’s largest cities. Exuding European-inspired style with an intimate hotel feel, Chateau Auberge, rises 39-stories above an endless canopy of the community’s own neighborhood park. This exquisite residential [ … ]

Second Award- Altos | s2ga

The heart of this project is a culture clash between civilizations.  An out of town developer bought a parcel in Silicon Valley with the intention of developing it into a marquee property near a local country club.  We were introduced through a mutual business acquaintance.  Seeing the opportunity with this [ … ]

Winner- Dropi | Minarc

Like a solitary drop of ebony rain, the Dropi appears to descend in a free fall from the heavens, showered by yards of fabric that gently cradle the softly curved seat of molded metal. Winner- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019 Firm | Minarc Category | Product Design Team [ … ]

Second Award- Bikeworks | s2ga

All I do is modern because there isn’t anything else.  Everything we do is a representation of time.  Residual in the moment.  Art is willful self-expression, design is defining the question.  These concepts have guided my career thus far.  Second Award- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019 Firm | [ … ]

Winner- Recovery Of The Piedras River Historic Aqueduct And Meander Masterplan | Aldayjover Architecture And Landscape

The Master Plan’s proposal for the recovery of the aqueduct and its surroundings is organized through an approach on three scales, along with the definition of strategies that will drive the transformation of the systems linked to the meander. Among those transformations, the plan proposes restoring the hydraulic infrastructure; reinforcing [ … ]

Second Award- Eliava Park | artytechs

Georgia is an important transit country and with its geopolitical location it represents a bridge between the West and Central Asian countries. Georgia has unique resources, rich with economic and intellectual potential, attractive with natural resources, mineral and fresh waters and tourist attractions. Ports are of big importance to Georgia’s’ [ … ]

Honorable Mention- Réhabilitation anciennes Archives Départementales du Bas-Rhin en logements | S&AA Schweitzer et Associes Architectes

The building housing the archives of the département of Bas-Rhin is the only such building constructed by the German administration in the Reichsland of Alsace-Moselle, in the heart of the Neustadt of Strasbourg. This imposing, monumental building was an integral part of the architectural and urban planning scheme for the [ … ]

Winner – “Líder Store ” by FGMF Architects

Global Future Design Awards 2019 First Award Category: Commercial Firm: FGMF Architects Architect: Lourenço Urbano Gimenes Team: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz, Gabriel Mota, Luciana Bacin, Adriana Pastore, Desyree Niedo, Diogo Mondini, Priscylla Hayashi, Wanessa Simoe, Frederico Branco, Rafael Colombo, Nara Diniz Country: Brazil Website: www.fgmf.com.br Another great [ … ]

Winner – Audi Lifestyle Store by MESURA

Global Future Design Awards 2019 First Award Category: Commercial Interior (Concept) Firm: MESURA  Architect: Benjamin or Terradas arquitectos Team: Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed, Marcos Parera Blanch, Jordi Espinet Roma, Jaime Font Furest, Carlos Dimas Carmona Country: Spain Website: www.mesura.eu Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards [ … ]

Second Award – Ibis New Concept by FGMF Architects

Global Future Design Awards 2019 Second Award Category: Commercial Interior Firm: FGMF Architects Architect: Lourenço Urbano Gimenes Team: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz, Daniel Paranhos, Felipe Fernandes, Fernanda Moura, Lívia Veroni, Mariana Leme, Priscylla Hayashi, Thiago Brito, Aryane Diaz, Ciro Dias, Giulia Lorenzi, Letícia Gonzalez, Maxswender Duarte, Pedro [ … ]