2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Zosia’s House | IFAgroup

The project is located in a very diverse surrounding in terms of spatial order and aesthetics. Proportions for Zosia’s House is taken from the near buildings and the color of the facade – from the land on which the house stands. The form was simplified, getting rid of unnecessary decorations. Each decision made during the design process has to have its reason.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Zosia’s house
Housing Interior Built


Kamil Domachowski

Design Team
Kamil Domachowski, Karolina Wood-Domachowska, Maciej Busch, Adrianna Jemioł, Jakub Brzuchański



©IFAgroup Kamil Domachowski

To take advantage of sunlight and have a sunny yard, the house was built deep into the plot, because the front and entrance are located on the southwest side. The existing fruit trees were preserved. Everything worked out with the cooperation of a very aware and open-minded investor who actively participated in the whole process.

The owner had her guidelines. The kitchen, dining room, and living room were to be spacious, and open to each other, but without wasting space. Additionally, the kitchen with a window facing the street. In the dining room – large table for playing and learning with the child. The windows were meant to resemble paintings but without huge glazing. The owners attached great importance to terraces as separate rooms, and it was also important not to overheat the rooms.

Windows in this project control light energy and are supposed to be directed at specific views, e.g. through the lower panoramic window only the greenery of the garden can be seen, while the above frames the sky.

The owner mentioned that she liked to play on the stairs as a child, so the lower steps of the stairs were extended and folded over to create a seat.The house has two terraces – the west one facing the garden, the east one designed for spending time with morning coffee.

Authentic with a dose of starkness.

The architects focused on natural colors and materials. Among other things, sand-cement plaster impregnated colorlessly was used which gives the uneven tone. The ground floor ceiling was made of ceramic blocks, which remained raw, in their unchanged form. Consequently the floor on top of the slab is also ceramic colored resin.

Design solutions intertwine with functional solutions. The window in the living room, over 5m long, has concrete lintel which is also the headboard of the bed in the main bedroom above.

Designing such an unusual house was a challenge. The architects emphasize the great role of the Investor. “Mutual inspiration of ideas, but also support in creating logic and finding arguments to make the best decisions for the space was a pleasure. Cooperation between the studio and the owners is very important. This house is a joint success of both parties,” concludes architect author.