2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | CIMET Group Headquarters | CIMET Arquitectos

The CIMET Group Headquarters, occupying the top two levels and a roof garden of the Torre Glorieta Cibeles in Mexico City’s historic Roma neighborhood, serves as a central hub for the family-led consortium’s architecture, construction, and real estate ventures. The design of this space reflects the diverse needs of the Group’s various departments, aiming to foster a harmonious and comfortable environment that inspires creativity and efficiency.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

CIMET Group Headquarters
Workplace Interior

CIMET Arquitectos

Sholem and Yoram Cimet

Design Team
Sholem and Yoram Cimet

Mexico City


©Luis Gallardo and Jaime Navarro

Given Mexico’s reputation for long working hours, a primary goal was to create a welcoming, home-like atmosphere in the office. This was achieved through a thoughtful combination of lighting, materials, and spatial distribution. The design emphasizes a connection to the exterior, maximizing the use of natural light and offering spectacular 360° views. Artificial lighting is both functional and decorative, enhancing the workspace’s quality.

The office features a palette of nature-inspired materials, such as Grigio marble, which envelops a sculptural staircase connecting the three levels. This staircase, alongside a decorative, perforated stainless steel screen, evokes a waterfall effect. The use of high-grain walnut wood, heavy-grained granite, black glass laminates, and polished concrete floors creates a stimulating environment, further enriched by the art of Ruben Cimet, adding an air of elegance and sophistication.

Spatially, the design seeks a balance between the trend of flexible, open workspaces and the need for quiet, private areas, as well as social and leisure spaces. The main floor is divided into three zones: a public wing with reception and meeting rooms, a central wing with semi-private workstations, and a private wing for partners’ offices, which also serve as collaborative spaces. A standout feature is the rooftop lounge, surrounded by native vegetation, offering a serene microclimate and stunning views.

Sustainability is a key aspect of the design, with all lighting and shading managed by a Lutron smart system that adjusts artificial lighting and air conditioning based on occupancy and daylight, resulting in significant energy savings.

The CIMET Group Headquarters exemplifies the importance of innovative and unique office spaces in enhancing company performance, employee output, and overall quality of life for its workforce.