2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Edelman Office (Guangzhou) | Maverick Interiors

The new office of Guangzhou Branch of Edelman Global Communications Firm (China) is located in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. Based on the communication work, the designer aims to create a dynamic and humanized open inclusive place through modern and simple design, so as to increase the freedom of thinking of employees, make the exchange among employees more intensive, and create a comfortable and harmonious office space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Edelman Office (Guangzhou)
Corporate and Office Interior Built

Maverick Interiors

Maverick Interiors

Design Team
Maverick Interiors

Guangzhou, China


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In this new office space with an area of about 409 square meters, the design team divides nine different functional areas with simple style, including the front office, large/small conference rooms, leisure area, work area and brainstorming area, ensuring the setting of leisure area and reserve area while meeting different work requirements. Each functional area is planned with the proper distance and scale to create an inclusive space, making the most frequently used area a place for effective communication.

When entering the front office, the large white wall and blue LOGO present a simple, comfortable and splendid atmosphere. The LOGO side also displays the company’s working ethics, which makes people further understand Edelman Global Communications Firm.

In the work area, the blue glass partition walls are equipped to separate the independent office area and public area, which not only ensures the privacy, but also ensures the lighting. The design team took blue and white as the main tone, light embellishments of bright colors are boldly added to the space, created soft space boundaries with colored furniture, and carefully crafted each space.

The sound-absorbing board, rock plate, ultra-white glass, acrylic, wood veneer and other materials with green environmental protection concept are used to create a new communication office space themed with the topic of “round field”, which fits the industry characteristics of communication firm. Located on one side of the main office area for employees, a curved wooden frame system is connected to the work area with the leisure area, creating an open and free space.