2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | 24 – Phase III | Works Progress Architecture

24 is the third phase of a master planned mixed-use development in the San Fernando Valley. The 24-acre site is the former home of a Los Angeles Times printing plant, which was renovated within the first phase of the development for the headquarters of a LA-based entertainment company. Phase III encompasses two separate multifamily buildings – Buildings A & B – on 9.5 acres of the site, comprising of a total of 338 units and over 735,000 sf of building area.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

24 – Phase III
Mixed-Use Architecture (Under Construction)

Works Progress Architecture

Carrie Strickland

Design Team
Carrie Strickland, Keegan Hebert, Nicole Courville

Chatsworth, CA

United States

©Brick Visual, Works Progress Architecture

The architectural concept references an archipelago – or a series of islands that are loosely arranged in relation to each other. A string of light-framed wood housing blocks meanders across the site, each block rotating to frame adjacent landscapes and create unexpected connections. While the massing of individual blocks is simple and economical, the complexity of the whole is generated by the relationship between distant parts. 

Over 22,000 square feet of Mass Timber structure houses several amenity areas, including the main building lobby, event hall, and fitness center. The exposed wood structure allows for naturally warm and generous spaces. Glass storefronts accentuate the Mass Timber from the exterior and allow visibility from the entry road and public plaza, making it a focal point for the 24-acre development.

The 24 connects residents with the varied and surrounding landscapes synonymous with the area. Green spaces extend upwards and onto the building, forming a continuous vegetated link between the ground level plaza and rooftop amenities of various heights. The landscape completely covers and conceals the large parking garages. Nearly 10% of the overall square footage is dedicated to green roofs with outdoor spaces. The 70,000 sf of local, low-demand plantings will help reduce heat island effects. Landscape irrigation will be sourced from greywater, recycled from the residential units’ sinks and showers. 

The overall site plan provides opportunities for people to connect with place. The site’s extensive list of amenities includes multiple outdoor options, including community gardens, two basketball courts and two outdoor pools. The jogging path surrounding the perimeter of the property promotes physical activity and allows residents to easily engage with the entire site. The concept of indoor/outdoor living permeates throughout 24 providing future residents an immersive and healthy environment for living and working in Chatsworth.