2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Headquarter Azhur Holding | Amaart srl

The restyling project of the headquarters of Azuhr Holding is located in the industrial area of Limena, Padua. The key aim of the project is to weave a new façade that covers and envelops the existing buildings and gives the headquarters a new architectural value, identifying a corporate reality of character and in continuous evolution.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Headquarter Azhur Holding
Office Building (Built)

Amaart srl

Alessia Maggio

Design Team
Silvia Marmiroli, Luca Bertolini, Salman Sadeghi

Limena- Padova Italy 


©Moreno Maggi

The second skin wraps the entire perimeter of the existing volumes, creating a façade that simultaneously opens and conceals, revealing the design intentions. The front was created thinking of a dance between volumes and openings with ribbon windows with darkened glass that reflect the horizon and with bow windows that overlook the street like telescopes.

The covering is composed of aluminum composite panels, of three different sizes (150 x 43 cm, 150 x 30 cm and 150 x 80 cm) with an absolute matte black color. The facade then breaks down into a succession of planes that dematerialize the facade, conveying a sense of movement.

From the street, attention falls on the large suspended bow window that leads towards the center of the facade where a setback in floor identifies the entrance gate. This opens like a curtain onto the internal courtyard, where silence and the flow of water are the protagonists.

The black stoneware flake floor gives movement to the courtyard, contrasting with the transparency of the water in the three pools present. The first of these can be crossed by white platforms that lead to the entrance to the offices, the second houses the waterfall and the third hosts, on a central platform, the sculpture of a contemporary artist, which represents the nature of the client: the balance of matter as a symbol of resilience and contrasting forces.

In industrial contexts, where buildings are characterized by rational languages, the project contrasts with this concluded scenario. The wings of the facade hide the shapes of the existing warehouses and the meaning of the construction can be glimpsed in the cracks, also revealing the techniques with which the weaving was created.