2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | JHA Corporate | PSA Arquitetura

In the heart of the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, a 1,200 m² plot on Iaiá Street was chosen for the implementation of JHA Corporate, a boutique corporate building developed by PSA Arquitetura whose proposition is a new perspective on corporate spaces, with architecture seeking to add value to businesses. From project to execution, the structure was designed to deliver functional spaces, adding greater productivity and quality of life to occupants and a positive impact on its surroundings. 

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

JHA Corporate
Corporate Architecture (Under Construction)

PSA Arquitetura

Pablo Slemenson

Design Team
Pablo Slemenson, Daniel Tesser, Lucas Rodrigues, Christiani Pino

R. Iaiá, 54 – Itaim Bibi, São Paulo/SP – Brasil



Distributed across 8 pavements, with corporate floors ranging from 605 m² to 826 m² totaling 5,546.60 m² of leasable area, its distinctive design offers flexibility to adapt to the needs of various work segments. There are 7 pavements with floor-to-ceiling glass closures that follow the 2.80-meter ceiling height, intensifying the use of natural light and integration with the external landscape. 

The placement of floor-to-ceiling windows interspersed with those of the balconies on each floor creates different projections of the type floor plans on the facade, providing a visual dynamism that highlights the contemporaneity of the project. In addition to the play of inflections, the predominance of horizontal lines on the facade amplifies the use of the low-rise structure, also engaging with the pedestrian scale, in an integrated view between building and public sidewalk.

On the ground floor, the use of “V”-shaped pillars acts as a transitional element for loads while providing a sense of permeability and amplitude. Its dialogue with the street is accentuated by the porte-cochère that provides access to a delicate internal garden surrounding the central square. There is also a store to serve as an active facade, creating a space for decompression and a break from routine for neighbors and condominium residents. 

In line with the concept of sophistication, exclusivity, and sustainability that guides the architectural design of JHA Corporate, its facade and pillars receive AAA standard finishes in sober and woody tones, combining to create a sense of elegance and coziness. The intention is repeated in the application of champagne-colored aluminum frames, providing durability and energy efficiency. In the design, the floor-to-ceiling frames are combined with a cross-ventilation system as a strategy that allows the entry of natural light while effectively promoting the circulation of fresh air, connecting internal spaces to the outside. 

JHA Corporate has 84 parking spaces for cars, including 4 for electric vehicles, and also an integrated bike rack with changing rooms. The development consists of spacious and landscaped areas, based on a landscaping project that uses 100% native species or those adapted to the Brazilian climate. Its commitment to sustainability goes further: enrolled in the LEED® green building program, the building is expected to achieve LEED® Silver certification, demonstrating the low environmental impact initiated during the construction phase and extending throughout the years of operation.