2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | TWIST | ADM Architects

The business center under design is situated near the Savelovsky railway station and a metro station with the same name, on a site that is literally surrounded by transport highways, the largest of which is the Third Ring Road. On the one hand, such a – guarantees ideal accessibility to the future complex both by public transport and by car. However, initially such an arrangement meant that there was no static urban context, so the architects had to come up with a self-sufficient volume with an unusual shape that would enable it to become a noticeable dominant in this area, notwithstanding its fairly small height.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Office Building (Under Construction)

ADM Architects

Andrey Romanov

Design Team
Andrey Romanov, Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Butyrsky val, Moscow


©ADM Architects

It’s not for nothing that the business center got the name TWIST – the principle of rotation makes up the basis of its compositional design. The area of each level increases with each story going up and the volume twists counterclockwise. In this way, each subsequent floor increases in comparison with the previous one, and rotates relative to it by a small angle, approximately 3°, which in total from the second floor to the ninth, makes a rotation of approximately 27°. And curved glazing emphasizes the plasticity of the resulting elements of the “screw”, and makes it possible to seamlessly round off each of the many corners. For their part, the horizontal bands between the stories are recessed, additionally articulating the building’s dynamic silhouette. It is in these spaces that lighting, and the opening elements necessary for ventilation, are located. At the same time, the architects meticulously controlled all the key parts of their proposed transformation of the form: the numerous cantilevers never become ledges, which will significantly reduce the cost of insulating the contour of the building.

Client: Sminex-Inteko
Design: 2023
Plot area: 0.35 ha
Total area: 18,900 sq. m
Stories: 9

The first floor and first underground floor, in turn, are shaped as a rectangular volume in which, in addition to the offices entrance lobby, there are cafes and shops. The shop windows are turned at a slight angle towards visitors – in this way the architects added accents to the first floor’s plasticity. The roof of the first floor is planned to be landscaped and planted with greenery.