2023 IID 🏆 Awards


The project takes place in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, in a 6-story building, owned by EXECON, a company that provides internet technology support, where the first two levels are intended for commercial use, while the other four remaining levels, plus the rooftop, are intended for the operation of the company.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Corporate Interior Built


Sandra De la Torre

Design Team
Alessandro Vergot, Fabiola Ornelas, Maryfer Gaytán, Natalia Rodríguez, Stephanie Torres

Monterrey Mexico



The concept used for the design of the project was defined as Work Sweet Home, where each of the spaces feels like working from home and in the most comfortable way possible where the user can maximize its operation through the distribution of spaces.

Biophilia is a fundamental part of the project design, where the presence of vegetation is noticeable in different areas of the office with green textures and earth colors, essential to bring to the office that sweet home feeling, having the reach of nature to make the most of this concept.

The distribution of the floors is designed as an Open Space, where the closed offices, assigned to the directors of the company, are located at the center of the floor, while all the collaborative workspace is located around, sticking to the facades of the building, and getting the most natural light.

The entrance to the offices from the lobby and reception has a design that resembles the entrance of a house, using triangular shapes referring to wooden ceilings giving the feeling that you are working from home. 

Each of the eight departments that make up the company has its own identity, but always being part of the same language and communication between them. The floor of all departments is covered with a carpet with a different design and color palette for each level, serving as a guide for the user to know where he/she is.

The programming department, which works 24 hours a day and is the soul of the company, was an important factor in the design of the project, since 70% of the company’s personnel come from this area. Here, we worked on the environmental psychology of the space to be more productive and efficient in its processes.

Its design has rest areas, as well as areas where it is possible to work without the need to sit at a desk. The lighting changes the intensity and color of its lights as the hours of the day go by. The walls and ceilings of this entire apartment are covered with acoustic panels, which are essential to reduce the noise generated by the number of people working in this space.