2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Advanced Manufacturing Centre by Wong Tung and Partners

­Design for the Future
Developed and managed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), AMC is an essential driving force of the reindustrialisation of Hong Kong and commercialisation of innovations.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Advanced Manufacturing Centre
Public Building Interior (Built)

Wong Tung and Partners

John Yuen

Design Team
Mr. John Yuen, Ms. Amy Ho, Mr. Andy Leung, Ms. Fiona Lai. Ms Cheryl Ng, Mr. Edward Wang

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

©Wong Tung and Partners

This is a modern day industrial development, providing a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of about 1.1 million sq. ft., enabling production with Industry 4.0 standard. It is customised to suit highly automated production and operation for tenants from various industries.

AMC has been designed to support scalable manufacturing and prototyping of technologically innovative, high value-added, high-mix and highly customised production. The building also offers shared services on logistics, warehousing, prototyping, low-volume assembly and clean-room-enabled space.

The design idea is derived from the beam structure as the major component of an INNOVATION GATE, symbolising the opening of opportunities that lie ahead in the future. It also celebrates the transition to a new era which marks the industrial revitalisation movement in Hong Kong.

G/F Main Lobby

An industrial theme has been brought into the interior spaces of AMC by Utilising a range of robust materials like black steel, savaged wood colour tones and fair face concrete grey tones.

The perforated panel ceilings are filled with low pixel LED screens which are programmable for thematic lighting scenes for creating special ambience or to respond to the external environment with special scenes like sunset scene, rainy scene and sunshine scene, to bring the outside IN and the inside OUT as a welcoming gesture at the Main Lobby.

The AMC aims to work as a facilitator to help those budding businesses get off the ground, sustain and grow. With high tech workshop infrastructure, comprising machines, tools and software, the Pro Shop intends to create a space where the most creative people in the city gather and to freely converse to facilitate their communication and creative work.


The baffle open timber ceiling offers a linear and spatial organising pattern. These open ceiling construction allows for a glimpse of the plenum area and concrete floor slabs above to emphasize the industrial touch.

From a practical point of view, they are simple to install and offer easy access to the ceiling plenum for maintenance and any installation of additional services required such as lighting, sprinklers etc.

Wooden Baffle Ceilings used are recycled hardwood, each of them are one-of-a-kind piece, hardwood has a natural colour that will lighten and darken depending on the source of natural wood colour fading.

1/F Proshop

Perforated panel ceilings and linear lightings are adopted in different spaces to imitate the sense of time flowing in the advanced cyber environment. Likewise, perforated panels with lighting slots are used to form circuit board like design feature for the interior of ProShop lobby.

1/F Time Tunnel outside Proshop                    

Linear lightings are adopted in different spaces to imitate the sense of time flowing in the advanced cyber environment. Time Tunnel outside ProShop also simulates the transition from Industry 1.0 to
Industry 4.0 in AMC.

Typical Floor

For the typical floor lobby, the aim is to create a futuristic impression by infusing a cyber theme in the material selection by using cool tone and metals. Matte finishes with proportional design arrangements were applied throughout. There is a strong emphasis on alignment in the collage of materials to enhance spaciousness and provide a soaring effect.

In the Production units, an effort has been made to bring in direct natural daylight to illuminate the internal spaces of the offices. A high headroom with floor-to-floor height exceeding 5m provide for a comfortable spatial scale.