2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Advanced Manufacturing Centre by Wong Tung and Partners

Commissioned by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and mastermind of the design by Wong Tung & Partners Ltd. as Lead Architectural Consultant and Nikken Sekkei Ltd. as Industrial Architectural Consultant, the development of AMC is a world-class project to support re-industrialization and commercialization of innovations in Hong Kong. The 1.1 million-square feet multi-story industrial building embracing Industry 4.0 standard is customised to suit highly automated production and operation processes for tenants from multiple industries. They are comprised of scalable manufacturing and prototyping of technologically innovative, high value-added, high-mix and highly customised production. The building also offers shared services on logistics, warehousing, prototyping, low-volume assembly and clean-room-enabled space. The pilot project is scheduled to open in 2022.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Advanced Manufacturing Centre
Institutional Architecture (Built)

Wong Tung and Partners

John Yuen

Design Team
Mr. John Yuen, Mr. Alex Lau, Ms. Amy Ho, Mr. Larry Poon, Mr. K.Y. Cheung, Mr. Fred Ng, Mr. Tony Ho, Ms. Angela Ko, Ms. Helen Lau, Ms. Vicky Cheng, Ms. Fiona Lai, Mr. Edward Wong, Mr. Jaco Wong

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

©Wong Tung and Partners

The design idea is derived from the beam structure as the major component of an INNOVATION GATE. It symbolises the opening of opportunities that lie ahead in the future; it also celebrates the transition to a new era which marks the industrial revitalisation movement in Hong Kong.

State-of-the-art facility for Advanced Manufacturing

Scalable high value-added production base

AMC has the optimal self-contained units in optimal size to serve as a fully functional production base to the industries of any scale which apply advanced processes or technologies in manufacturing

Comprehensive critical support services

AMC removes a major stumbling block for advanced manufacturing – that of prohibitive high cost for low-volume production-by providing shared services on logistics, warehousing, prototyping, low-volume assembly and clean room enabled space, so that partner companies can focus their valuable resources on their core propositions.

Communal distribution centre

AMC operates a communal distribution centre and warehouse with a dynamic scheduling system to move goods to and from partner companies at appointed times, and on-demand storage in the warehouse.


Determined to becoming the Industry 4.0 pioneer in Hong Kong, the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) shall provide various design features. for adapting to all sorts of needs from different industries. The standard bay design of AMC allows flexibility in coping with various advanced industries that require different floor to floor height and workspace. The uniform floor space caters for both SME and large-scale production. The green and environmental design features such as the Landscape Hill and Communal Podium Garden provide welcoming public spaces at on grade level and hanging garden level with Connection Bridge to the HKSTP north site building. The Chimney Shafts and Eco-Well provide convenient M&E duct routing, and the Centralised Logistics System provides convenient logistics to the tenants.

Greatest Common Denominators

For most productions, they will require specific manufacturing conditions to facilitate their production. AMC aims to provide the basic elements required by many industries as standards by applying the greatest common denominators (GCD) approach from all of the commons/ conflicts. To conclude, the AMC design shall be characterised by being economical to build and to cater to the needs of the future tenants and be able to respond to their options with ease.

Spatial Organisation

The simple spatial organization of the building enables an effective functionality of advance cyber industries to nourish and grow. Tenants are ensured with the maximum usage of leased space with MEP provisions being grouped together and located in the outside cores and MEP balconies.

To cope with different space design requirements for future tenants, the typical floor design of AMC accommodates maximum flexibility by the critical design of bay width. Through the GCD mechanism, various benchmarking has been analysed to determine ‘future-proof’ design. AMC adopts a 3.5 bay in length in order to optimize the planning of tenants’ production lines within the production floor.