2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Blackrock Atlanta | Perkins&Will

The design had to account for expansion and reconfiguration in order to support not only the identified universal needs of the global business, but also the discovery of evolving needs of a new office. In creating spaces that are flexible, comfortable, and supportive, the design solution offered BlackRock the ability to grow their business in a way that best supports their clients changing needs now and in the future. A new program of space was created specifically for their dynamic group work requirements, to accommodate both unique and overlapping/shared needs within the same individual space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Blackrock Atlanta
Corporate Interior Built



Design Team
Brent Capron, Kun Chen, Jeff Chermely, Keith Curtis, Marko Goodwin, Nujhat Jahid-Alam, Bethany Jenkins, Bo Kim, Jeanette Kim, Prosha Korangy, Chris Martorana, Brad Rogers, Kimberly Rousseau, John Sadlon

Atlanta, GA

United States

©Garrett Rowland

Utilize the Building (Site)

When you arrive at Reception, the company logo greets you, but within a wireframe of a wall to reveal beyond, the local community it is committed to serve. The unique climate of the city and neighborhood created multiple opportunities to provide spaces that support the performance inside the office, balanced with personal interests outside of the office. Specialty program was distributed throughout the 4 floors and located near the external communicating staircase to encourage connectivity with a view.

The interior office fronts were designed as an extension of the perimeter wall, maintaining a consistent mullion module from building to fit out. The open office layout takes advantage of the buildings scale, materiality, and curtain wall – intentionally expressing the industrial essence of the building and neighborhood, while leveraging access to views, daylight penetration and exposed ceilings.

Connection to City (Community)

Built on the inspiration of local architecture, principles of southern hospitality, the growing music and art influences, and the city’s significance as a connection hub, program structures were connected to cultural themes:

Porch: The bridge between private and public space, owned and intimate but open and welcoming, a space to receive and host guests.

Festival: An ongoing, organic progression of focused and free touchdown, a place to meet people for group activities or work independently.

Crossroads: A connection to meet, intermix and communicate, encourage exchange, an opportunity to influence a cultural result.

The Integration of local cultural influences is heightened by the art program. Spaces intended for lively exchange and bursts of energy were refined in anticipation of the carefully crafted, and curated storytelling of Atlanta art and culture.

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