2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Body, Space and Boundary——Private Workshop of A Female Fitness Blogger | Atelier D+Y

The owner, as a fitness blogger, hopes to change the basement of her private house into a fitness studio, which is mainly used for daily training, video and photo capture and occasional reception of fitness students.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Body, Space and Boundary——Private Workshop of A Female Fitness Blogger
Spa & Fitness Interior Built

Atelier D+Y

Linglin Yan

Design Team
Guo Donghai, Yan Linglin




Before renovation, the basement, with uneven ground, beams and columns, is left unattended in the low space. Nothing here is in order and two light wells are discarded in the corner.

How to associate such a space with fitness and exercises?

Body boundary – The female blogger specializes in training of workout on fitness equipment and Pilates. These exercises present the body in a manner different from the daily household activities. Therefore, we combine these exercises to form a soft boundary which approximates a circular arch. This dynamic boundary shall stretch out in the space.

Spatial boundary – A free arched boundary is introduced into the space to hide the original chaotic structural elements and integrate them into a continuous new boundary, thus wrapping the body softly. Different from a definite arch, a free arch is soft, chaotic and hard to define. From the top to the ground, it moves slowly and sharply, changing dynamically and blurred naturally, to bear the body’s soft boundary.

Circulation and penetration – Different free curves can form a continuity with each other through crisscrossing or overlaying. Observed from different perspectives, they shall display various postures. Besides, the entity and virtuality divided by the interlaced curves can generate an elusive circulation and penetration.

Mirror extension – In addition to satisfying the demand for exercise, the mirror extends the continuous free curve in space, thus further enhancing the actual space where the body is in the virtual world. Thanks to the mirror, the basement, originally narrow, is turned into a large space background.

Inside and outside – The basement is only accessible to the outside through its two light wells and stairway. The three areas connecting the inside and outside are reinforced in the design by giving them three colors to form a space of the “embedded courtyard”, which shall create more “inside” and “outside” layers within the enclosure.

Power of light and shadow – Two light wells bring natural light into the interior. In the area away from the light wells, the top edge is equipped with bands of light to detach the arch from the top surface for self-presentation, thus maximally allowing the top surface to float upward at a limited height. To realize uniform illumination, four diagonal bands of light are adopted in the central part of the top surface, which intrude into the soft boundary powerfully. Arch and diagonal lines coexist like grace and strength, indicating the conflict between the female body and the cold equipment, both of which are most natural in a fitness studio.

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