2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Changlin Yuanchang Chuxiong Xinghaihu sales Center | TRD Design

The project is located in Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong in central Yunnan Province, connecting with Panzhihua City in Xichuan Province in the north; To the east is Kunming city and to the west is Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.

With extensive network of road network, water network, power network, energy network and communication network, the territory is a major channel from the mainland to South Asia and Southeast Asia and directly to the Indian Ocean, which has a very important strategic position.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Changlin Yuanchang Chuxiong Xinghaihu sales Center
Commercial and Office Space (Built)

TRD Design

Cai Jianjing; Li Yan

Design Team
Chen Ying; Liu Jingxian; Qiu Feng; Yuan Piao

Yunnan chuxiong


©Li Jingzhi

Design philosophy:

Explore the present and future of Chu Xiong’s life, and open the journey of nature and art . The design will explore a new urban texture between the mountains and the sea, creating a beautiful experience combining natural ideal lifestyle with modern technological urbanization.

The project strives to output high-quality hardcover products to meet the needs of different consumer groups. Design and improve the internal configuration of the community, realize the whole age of the community environment, supported by practical and safety functions at the same time, emphasize the new dimension of urban landscape shared lifestyle, to create a real estate community with mountains, water and taste .

Design illustration

The overall design is simplified and emphasizes the harmony between the architectural landscape and the natural geographical environment of Chuxiong. The design originates from the combination of natural ideal and modern science and technology. The overall dynamic streamline design of the building is based on parallel lines, and the streamline is discrete on this basis to express the sense of direction and speed.

Discrete lines bring aesthetic impact on visual sense, implying that the integration of natural ecology and future science and technology is quietly growing here in Chuxiong, and is moving forward towards a shining situation.

The combination of natural ecology and modern science and technology is the adaptation to the future development situation. The functional layout emphasizes reasonable, clear streamline, integrates more natural landscape, and presents ecological and natural architectural effect.

Material selection of silver-gray aluminum plate, wood-grain aluminum plate, cement artificial stone, soft outfit decoration in the use of environmental protection composite materials, solid wood devices, etc., give the building a new concept of ecological energy saving, help sustainable development in the future. 

With the advantage of excellent landscape vision and light, large area of glass is used in the design to achieve the best effect of natural ventilation and natural lighting. People-oriented and respecting the design attitude of nature, it will bring the ultimate comfortable environment space enjoyment of harmonious coexistence of nature and man. 

Interior design

Chuxiong is not only the base of modern life, but also the magnificent natural scenery.

The interior design absorbs chuxiong’s rich cultural base and natural scenery, skillfully grasps and integrates the unique temperament of Chuxiong, and creates an art venue that seeks wilderness life in modern civilization.

The design deliberately discretized the tour line, making multiple scenes of indoor and outdoor, ground and aerial interspersed and transformed, appreciating the scenery of lakes and mountains and pastoral landscape during the journey, and feeling the cultural and travel characteristics of the project and the ideal life as it should be in the slow down time.

In order to create a more comfortable visual experience, the design innovatively uses grand sloping sand table, slope ladder,  spiral ladder and other elements, breaking the boundaries of space, every step of the way, you can feel the breath of nature, so that the road under foot, connected with the starting point of each rural dream.